3 Best sites to Watch Live Sex [ 2018 List ]

Live sex is a growing phenomenon on the internet. Gone are the days of stale internet porn! Why would you want to watch something completely interactive when you can have a choose your own adventure experience of sorts? That's why you've got to ditch PornHub and get on live sex sites! But which sites are worth browsing around? Which ones can you be sure of?

I, a live sex aficionado of sorts, have done the heavy lifting for you. I've cruised the internet both on the clock and off (because why not mix business with pleasure>) to find the best live sex sites on the internet. What I've come up with is a very short, yet exclusive, list of the best sites to watch live girls on.

These sites are the cream of the crop. Not only are these sites totally usable if you don't plan on paying, but they're super trustworthy if you do decide to throw some money at the very deserving performers (don't worry, they're not going to steal your credit card info!). Read on to learn about some of the top cam sites:

  1. Chaturbate: The King of Live Sex

    If you were to type in live sex to Google, you'd be greeted with this as a first result. And to be honest, it does belong on the top. Chaturbate is easily one of the best sites for cam sex and instant sex chat on the internet, and it doesn't seem like it's going to be dethroned anytime soon.

    You really must try this site if you're looking to watch some polished (and some not-so-polished) content. What I love about this site, is that you don't have to be an established porn star to cam. On top of that, you don't have to be an established cam model to broadcast here either. You can be a broke college girl alone in your dorm room who made an account that night and gather quite a few views.

    Chaturbate is one of the most interesting sites because of the amount of diversity in the people who cam. You have everyone from people working their ass off playing freaky games with their audience to make a maximum amount of coinage, and you have people who are just there because they get off on having an audience as they get off.

    And if you're anything like me, you'll appreciate the value of an amateur cam girl (or guy). Amateurs make you feel like you're talking to the girl next door, not some airbrushed mega babe. Even if they are a mega babe, they're likely to be down to earth still and relatable. They aren't steeped in a culture of porn; they're normal people who like normal people things in addition to getting naked for money. Hey, and maybe you can even meet a hot babe who's into you too!

    I love this site. It's caming for the masses. It's everything beautiful about the "amateur" section on a porn site with the added allure of live sex, which is why it tops my short, yet orgasmic, list of the best live sex sites.

  2. CamSoda: Live Sex with Your Favorite Porn Star

    If Chaturbate is the "real amateur" section, then CamSoda is the "amateur" section on a porn site that features videos that are a little too well lit to be amateur porn truly.

    CamSoda is the top tier cam site. This isn't going to be the site that the literal girl-next-door is going to thrive on. This is a site for the girls with light boxes, a social media manager, and Amazon Wishlists that are longer than a Game of Thrones novel. These are the girls who know what the fuck they're doing.

    What I like about this site is how it has more categories than just "man," "woman," "couples," and "TS." I like that there are tags along the top like "bbw," "milf," and "petite." This will definitely help you find the kind of girl you're looking for.

  3. KinkLive: The Best for Live Kinky Sex

    Are you tired of sorting through the vanilla for the freaky? Well, hop on Kink live. This site is supported by the infamous Kink.com. Yes, The former owners and operators of the SF Armory and the current owners of the Armory Club. If you're a fan of Domination and Submission, then this is definitely the kind of site you should skip to.

    There's a little something for everyone on this site: there are submissive girls for your dominant side, and there are Dominatrixes for when you feel like being told what to do.

    You're not going to see any bullshit ties with cheap rope from home depot. You're going to see some people who know how to self-tie with what probably is actually M0cojute or if you're lucky they'll break out the leather (just kidding, you don't need to be lucky, there's a ton of leather on this site).

  • Honorable mention: XNXX: Consider it DVR for Live Sex

    Even if you think that live sex is better than porn, this porn site is a great place to find live sex.

    Did you miss one of your favorite star's shows on CamSoda? Are you disinterested in waiting for a girl on Chaturbate to reach her goal before finally freeing the nipple?

    Thankfully to all the guys who don't like to play by the rules, there are bound to be screen recordings of your favorite cam girls posted to XNXX with what feels like moments after their shows. While this is somewhat morally corrupt because we should be supporting our favorite cam girls by tossing a couple coins or credits or what-have-you their way. But sometimes you lack the coinage; sometimes you lack the patience, sometimes you just want to skip to the good bits.

    Additionally, XNXX boasts hundreds (probably thousands) of highlight reels of all the best chunks of porn. Recordings of live shows are no exception! You'll be able to find compilations of all the good shit you usually have to tip for on cam sites.

    Though I maintain that you should always support your favorite internet sluts, this is a great alternative. Just type in live sex, or something of the like, in the search bar, and you'll be met with more screen recordings than you'll know what to do with! Grab a box of tissues, because you've just discovered the OnDemand, the TeVo, of live porn.

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