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Chaturbate might be the most popular cam show on the internet right now. If you’ve spent time on any adult site online in recent months, chances are you’ve come across an advertisement or two for Chaturbate. It’s a live cam site loaded with models of every size, shape and color, and it’s actually one of the few cam sites which can be accessed totally free.

There are payment options available to get the most out of Chaturbate, and if you want to get personal with any cam models, you’ll definitely need to spend a little money. However, Chaturbate is ideal regardless of whether you’re looking to get up-close and personal or whether you’re just here for a little voyeurism.

First Impression

Chaturbate gets down to business straight from the front page, which is always a good thing. The site flaunts a simple color scheme, an attractive layout and easy-to-use toolbars at the top of the page. However, your attention will be immediately drawn to the rows and rows of featured models, the thumbnails of which give a real-time glimpse into their live cam rooms.

Scrolling through the homepage, I found an overwhelming amount of models to choose from. Naturally, I clicked on a few which caught my attention, then I expected to be asked for my billing information. But that’s when Chaturbate’s selling point kicked in – every live cam is free to watch in one way or another. There are no previews or timeouts – just all the viewing you want.


Aside from the free rooms, Chaturbate offers all of the features you’d expect from a top cam site. There is a constant stream of new users hitting the site, both performers and customers, so there’s never a shortage of either. The 3000 or so camgirls on there make up 60% of the performers, with 30% of models being males and the remaining 10% trans and couples.

Cam chat is totally free, as are private chats with models. However, you’ll need to reward the models with a tip in order to convince them to get personal with you. Full screen is available for every cam, and multi-cams are available with certain performers. Cam quality is usually excellent, with many models offering a HD option to watch them do their business. Sound and streaming quality has never been an issue for me (even with an average internet speed) either. Perfect marks for quality.

As one of the biggest cam sites on the market, Chaturbate caters to every preference out there. The majority of models on there are classically beautiful girls, usually early-late twenties, but there’s no shortage of mature ladies, gay men, geek girls and BBWs either. Most models are amateur performers, usually young men, women and couples who are looking to make a little extra money on the side.

Pricing and Membership

As mentioned, the majority of cams are totally free to watch for as long as you like. Some models will only accept members with an account, but this doesn’t involve payment of any kind.

Chaturbate only offers a standard membership, with users needing to buy tokens in order to tip the models. Pricing structure breaks down as follows:

100 tokens $10.99
200 tokens $20.99
500 credits $44.99
750 credits $62.99
1000 credits $79.99

Tokens are then used to tip models, and you’re free to tip as much or little as you like. Some models will ask for a minimum amount of tokens before performing certain actions, but this is actually where Chaturbate’s popularity really comes in useful.


One of the biggest powers of Chaturbate lies in the fact there’s usually a good amount of viewers online at any one time. It’s not uncommon for hundreds of even thousands of people to be sitting in one room, and this means it’s much easier to incentivize models to get a little wild.

Usually, models ask for a certain amount of tokens before they perform a request (get naked, masturbate, etc) so with the power of the crowd, it only takes a small amount per person to hit a model’s particular milestones. It makes for an enjoyable, reasonably-priced experience which benefits everyone.

The sheer amount of models available is another of Chaturbate’s biggest pros. Each model comes with a short description, along with hashtags allowing you to find those models in search results. There’s also a great community feel about Chaturbate, as many customers will interact with each other as well as with performers.


Any free site with an adult community like this is always going to attract a few troublemakers. Every rose has its thorns, and Chaturbate’s soaring popularity can actually be a hindrance to some. Popular models often get spammed with requests by non-paying customers looking for a freebie. This can definitely ruin the interactive experience, not to mention it can get a little annoying for the performers.

Secondly, the only other issue I found with Chaturbate is the lack of a decent search function. You can filter models by age, region and status (exhibitionist, private shows, new shows, etc) and that’s pretty much it. It’s possible to filter by hashtags like #brunette or #spanking but a lot of models cram as many hashtags into their descriptions as possible, so you’re still left with thousands of results even with very specific searches.


My Chaturbate experience was overwhelmingly positive. The variety of models available and the free interaction definitely overshadows the few downsides with the site. For the most enjoyable experience possible, you’ll definitely need to spend a little money. However, tokens are fairly cheap compared to similar sites, and there are no set prices for anything. Providing you reward models who you interact with, you’ll find that a few tokens will get you far.

Overall, I would give Chaturbate 4 stars out of 5. I can overlook the fact that the site gets quite busy at times, but the fact that searching for particular keywords is such a hassle takes things down a notch.

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