Streamate Review (Read Before You Join)

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Streamate is an international cam site based in Eastern Europe that hosts models of all genders, ages, sizes and races.

First Impression

At first glance, the site itself is flash-heavy and takes a bit of bandwidth to load, since each live chat pops up on the front page. However, it’s very phone-friendly, and features a drop-down menu with tons of filters and features. When first signing on, you also aren’t bombarded with ads.


Streamate features incredibly specific search filters, starting with the standard things like region, ethnicity, and body type, but also with more unique ones: foot fettish, granny, pubic hair amount, and housewives, just to name a few. You can also use the search bar at the top to find specific models, traits, or kinks.When you go to a model’s profile, they often have explicitly outlined what they will and won’t do, letting you be clear about what kind of work you’re going to do. The guest chats on the front page are free, but it isn’t a free-for-all: no below-waist nudity is allowed, to limit minors from stumbling across sexual content. In fact, although toplessness is okay in the group chat, sexy acts are not, and mostly it’s just a chat feature.

But with a little money, the opportunities on Streamate open up.

Pricing and Membership

Signing up is free, and for no cost, you can watch the cam models talk and flirt on the Guest Chat. Paid content, however, doesn’t have a concrete price. Models set their own prices for chats, so it varies wildly – and there are three levels of paid chats or shows to choose from, each more expensive than the last:

Premium Chat a paid group show. It can be paid for and initiated by one member. Others then have the option to pay and join that group chat.
Exclusive Chat a one-on-one room initiated by a member; no other members are allowed to join. These are more expensive than premium, but viewers get the perks of solo time with their dream cammer.
Gold Shows models preset a show price and length (thirty minutes for $200, for example). The models then have a limited amount of time on a countdown timer to raise their goal price through the group chat. When the timer goes off, the model can either accept the amount they’ve raised and begin the show, or turn it down, refund the money, and try to raise a higher amount a second time. These Gold Shows frequently feature special acts or content.

For all of the shows, viewers can tip models with “Gold,” which is one unit of your currency (so $1, £1, or €1), of which the model gets just $0.35. But Streamate doesn’t just offer shows or chats; they also offer Gold Clubs. Think Patreon, but for cam models and sexy content. Members can subscribe to a model’s special club, paying her a certain amount per month (which, again, the model sets). In return, the members get discounts to premium and exclusive shows, and the model gives perks to their subscribers:

  • 3+ diary entries per week, where models share everything from their work day to their wildest fantasies
  • 1-2 photo albums per week, featuring fresh photos of the model each week
  • 1+ videos per week, with high quality sessions with the model that are at least 3 minutes long

All of these different features give viewers a lot of flexibility in price and cater to people from all financial situations.


It’s great to be able to take part in the public chats for free, making Streamate ideal for viewers curious about getting their feet wet who aren’t ready for a whole commitment. The diverse pay scale also lets users enjoy themselves and meet cam cuties no matter how much they have in their wallet, and they won’t be wanting for models: at the time this article was written, Streamate had 1800 camgirls and 133 camboys online.

The wide search parameters (including pregnant, uncut, and daddy cammers) also give kinksters and people with specific fantasies the chance to interact with their desires.

Another perk is that Streamate allows users to set daily limits for themselves, to help keep them from unconsciously draining their bank accounts. These limits can be as low as $25, and afterward, users are blocked from spending money on the site for the rest of the day. This is an excellent safeguard for folks who lose track of time (and money) while they’re getting sexy.


Streamate only gives cammers 30-35% of their earnings – so that $2 spent per minute for the cammer is actually just $0.60 in their wallets. According to some regulars, that paycut shows in the lower quality cam models. Some viewers even experienced only about 20% of the models using sound – a major drawback when you want to hear the cammers at work.


Streamate has a lot of features that are catered to the kink community, and the unique ability to subscribe monthly to favorite models is a great way to show some love. The daily limit keeps viewers from getting too sucked in and spending beyond their means. However, the low model pay seems to have serious drawbacks; just make sure you’re paying the models well, and they’ll treat you with the same respect back.


3.5 out of 5 stars.

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