I tried webcam sex - here's what happened next [NSFW]

Trying webcam sex for the first time is quite the rush. In the interest of finding out what really goes down in sex chat rooms, I decided to give it a try.

  • Cranking the Love Pump

    I read on some forums that charming your snake on live cam can be an easy way to get a thrill while making a little cash at the same time. I considered this for a while but then the thoughts started to get to me.

    Some guys are gay. Some guys are only a little bit gay. I myself am 100% straight. Like, I've never even gotten a wiggle down there for a dude, so I thought it might make me feel a little weird if I was to cuff the carrot on a live cam so I decided against it. What if I was only being viewed by other dudes? I doubt I'd even be able to get it up.

    That doesn't mean it won't be your cup of tea either. Maybe saying hi to your monster might be a good time for you. Maybe you could open up an exciting new world for yourself and that's cool, but I wasn't willing to give it a shot.

  • Convincing the Girlfriend to Have Webcam Sex

    After thinking pretty long about it, I decided that I wanted to ask my girlfriend if she would be willing to appear on live cam with me. This was easily the riskiest part of the plan and I don't know if my heart has ever beat so fast in my life.

    I mean, after hearing about a couple who made 10k on webcam I figured it was worth a try.

    I walked into the lion's den at about 8 pm trembling. After bringing her some takeout from her favorite place and watching Sunset Boulevard with her, I decided to start the process.

    First, over a 2 hour period of movie watching, I nuzzled and touched her in the loving ways only a boyfriend can. Then after she was a little stirred up I decided to ask her. I told her about how much money we could make and how thrilling it could be. To my surprise, she was totally up for it.

    She told me she had thought about it from time to time as well. She even admitted to fooling around with one of her girlfriends on cam once or twice before we started dating. The news could not have been better.

  • Getting Started on Cam

    Now that she was on board, it was time to begin the prep. A little self-grooming was done on my part and a hair appointment on hers was all it took to get the engine started. In fact, we almost started up before the camera was even turned on.

    After everything was set up, we browsed a little before we signed up for our favorite cam site. The plan was to have her begin the session with a little stripping and whatnot before she asked her growing chat if they wanted to see her get fucked. It was obviously a unanimous yes from the viewers, so she brought me in.

    Our views slowly went from 50 people to 100 people, and eventually rocketed up to 200 viewers right before I came into frame. I expected the viewers to stay at a steady level when we started doing the deed, but it actually went way up! Believe it or not, it was all the way up to 500+ viewers.

  • The Request

    After an hour or two of teasing our viewers, they start getting very antsy, and so was I. The donations we started getting were a pleasant surprise as we had already made over $150; much more than our current hourly salaries.

    We started taking requests via instant message and out viewership went through the roof. Now over 1,000 people were watching us get wild live on cam, and it was quite the time. It was like riding a rollercoaster while getting a blowjob at the same time.

    One viewer ended up donating $300 to us just for the simple request that I would finish on my girlfriend's face (which I was going to do anyway)...

    After the deed had been done and we were both satisfied, We ended at about 1,200 viewers and an exceptional $600. We couldn't believe that we had been having sex all these years without even streaming it. Part of me feels very happy we did it, but another part of me feels like an idiot for not doing it sooner.

  • The Verdict on Webcam Sex

    I'm almost mad at myself for not taking advantage of this whole streaming thing earlier. Walking away from what was possibly the best sexual experience of my entire life I can confidently say that I would do it again... and I have.

    Not only did I get paid money to have sex with a beautiful woman but it was also completely legal! Making that much money shouldn't be as easy as it was but nevertheless, it happened.

    For the last few months we have continued streaming our sex for the world to see and so far it's been nothing but good news for our self-confidence, our relationship, and our bank accounts. I feel as if adult video chat changed our dating life.

  • Revived

    One of the things I forgot to mention about that night I asked her the second biggest question I'll ever ask her was that our sexual relationship was getting a little dull.

    It was no mystery to either of us as to why there seemed to be less sexual sparks. When you're in a committed relationship for a long time things can get stale. You do the same positions over and over, you usually subconsciously build up some kind of sexual ritual over the years, and it gets harder and harder to keep things fresh.

    Streaming our sex was the critical turning point in our sexual relationship that helped us keep things more exciting than ever. Not to mention we were able to take each other of extravagant trips and nice dinners with all the money we started making.

  • My Final Step

    This isn't really an essential step for all you out there who want to start streaming with your significant other, but it was for me.

    After returning the spark in our relationship and opening the door to further sexual exploration, I noticed something about her that I had never seen before in a woman.

    That's why last month I asked her the big question after years of previous thought and growing companionship. Long story short, we are getting married in November of 2018.

    I don't want to say that I owe it all to streaming but... it gave us the courage and comfortable to take our relationship to the next level. Since we started caming we have stepped up the ladders in our professional careers, and we couldn't be happier.

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