So you've joined an adult cams site - whats next?

Adult cam sites are taking over porn. I mean adult cam sites have been all over the internet for a while, but it's becoming more and more of a thing especially now. People are over traditional porn! And with more and more women embracing their sexuality through caming there is a saturation of girls getting naked on webcam, thus making cams increasingly popular.

While a lot of people just go on without accounts to perv what's going on, it seems like you've found yourself making an account or are considering it (I mean you're reading this article, so it wasn't that hard of a guess to make…). Once you make an account, you're likely to unlock a few more features (even more so if you spring for a premium membership or buy tokens!).

So, how are you supposed to act? What are you supposed to do other than masturbating? Are there any hidden rules or secrets you must know to get the most out of your cam profile? Don't worry, dear reader. I'm here to be your live cams guru of sorts. Think of me as your spirit guide… except for porn. Or consider this like the walkthrough at the beginning of video games while you're learning the controls… except for porn.

Here's a short guide to live cam sex sites!

  1. Navigation on an Adult Cam Site

    Now, I know that you should be familiar with the navigation bar. However, some sites like Cam Soda go beyond the ordinary categories. Additionally, some sites might be more simple like Chaturbate or Live Jasmine. Plus you might have some other tabs that link back to your personal profile.

    You're probably not going to find traditional porn titles along the top of a cam site. For instance, you're probably not going to be able to search necessarily by the kind of sex act that you can see immediately on a cam since everything is live. However, some girls do tag their cams by the type of stuff that they're willing to do though!

    However, what you're probably going to find along the top of the site are categories along the lines of "man," "woman," "couple," and "trans." And when it comes to cams, it kind of makes sense that you'd categorize like that. You can also search based on what kind of people they're into. So if you're looking for a gay man or a straight guy, these kinds of categories make it easy to find what you're interested in people wise… not necessarily sex act wise.

  2. Find your fave Cam Girls and follow!

    You're going to be doing a lot of sex stream browsing, probably. Yes, you'll be doing a lot of browsing on porn sites as well, but this is a different kind of browsing. Instead of looking for the right video you're looking for the right girl to become a devoted fan of. Instead of bookmarking your favorite videos and jerking it to them until they become stale, you're booking marking an entertainer that I promise you will never get old. Why? Because they'll actually talk to you!

    Even if the girl isn't getting it on with her dildo at that moment, you should still give a girl a shot who is still fully clothed. The best way to find girls that are worth the follow is by checking out the "featured" pages. These girls probably have a ton of followers for a reason. Even if they're not naked at the moment, it might be a good idea to give them a follow for the future.

    Additionally, you should be looking for hot girls with a smaller amount of followers. Why? Because these girls are likely looking for their next biggest (and richest) fan. So you should give these girls a follow early before they take off to the "Featured" page because you're going to want to be a favorite of hers before she hits the big time.

  3. Chat it up!

    This is the best way that cams deviate from traditional porn. You can talk to them! Even if your digital pockets aren't overflowing with coins, you can still talk to them. However, on Chaturbate they do have colored names that indicate how much coinage you have in your online wallet. So, if you're not big ballin', you're probably going to get very little attention.

    However, you can always buy the bare minimum of tokens to put yourself in a different color bracket. If you want to get an instant reply you may want to put some money down. I recommend not going overboard, so long as you're not a gray-named user, you'll probably get a little attention. For instance, I have ten tokens in my account, so I'm a soft light blue color in the chat rooms, but hey! That still gets me attention!

    Just make sure you don't make demands in the chat. Unless you're tipping, you shouldn't put yourself in any type of director's chair. Requests are for paying customers only (unless you've come across a female exhibitionist on Chaturbate, which are a myth as far as I'm concerned). Be polite and enjoy the show if you're not going to tip.

  4. Notes on PMs…

    If you find yourself private messaging girls, you should make sure that you're not getting demanding. The fastest way to get yourself banned from a room is by being demanding, demeaning, or rude. That's not going to get you very far in a room where the girls have the ban hammer. Additionally their die-hard's also usually have moderator abilities, so watch it.

    If you're going to a private message without tipping, keep it light. Throw her some compliments and leave it at that. Don't expect a response, but if you get one that's great! Don't demand that she respond to you or type in the public chat "check your DMs." I promise you she sees it, and if she's not responding she doesn't care. Get used to it.

    By some miracle, if she's in your DMs don't blow it, dude! If she slides in, she's probably looking for a few things: money, attention, or entertainment. Some of these women are online forever so they PM their viewers for the sake of having someone fun to talk to. Be nice and entertain the girl who is being so kind as to take her clothes off for you - a stranger - on the internet.

  5. Tokens/Credits

    Like I said before, you don't have to load up on credits to enjoy these live shows. You usually don't have to load up on credits or tokens to even have a baseline interaction with these girls either. However, if you do feel like cracking your wallet open for these girls, you should make the most out of it. You should expect to find better quality content, since most purely free cam sites suck Don't blow your money for nothing.

    Pay attention to what goal they're working toward. If they're working toward 5k tokens to take their shirt off, then I'd save your money, pal. If they're working toward an orgasm, then I'd definitely throw them the money. If you have any special requests or thing that something on their tipping menu looks good, then send her some money.

    If you're like me and sometimes don't really know what you want, but want to see something a little special I recommend paying for a spy show. These shows let you spy in on private shows, but you can't interact. So instead of directing the porn, you can watch some porn directed live on cam. Sure you can't communicate, but it's fun if you don't know what you want at that moment!

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