5 Adult chat sites that are actually worth it [ new list ]

Chatting on the internet is what we spend a lot of our time doing. Whether it's through iMessage or Twitter or another site, we spend a lot of our downtime talking with people we know or strangers online. That being said, there are hundreds of platforms for chatting online about things that are a little more R rated than PG-13.

So which sites should you spend your time on? Well, I've compiled a new list of my favorites! These are a few of my favorite adult chat sites that are actually worth spending time on!

  1. Instantly Chat with Chaturbate

    This site is at the top of my list for a few reasons! Well, firstly it's just an outright great site. It's basically like a freelance site for cam models. While it's not the most beautifully designed site, it's easy to use and easy to navigate (which is important when you're only using one hand). Hell, you could even start your own webcam show! But there's no pressure on you to cam!

    All you have to do is roll into a room, and you can enjoy the show. In order to participate in the chat action you do, however, have to make an account. Which requires no money from you! All you get is a username and your own little page to cam if you so chose to become Chaturbates next adult cam star. But if not, no big deal!

    This site also doesn't require you to pay anything to use it! However, I do recommend throwing down a little cash for a small number of tokens. This will make it, so your username isn't gray, you'll be blue (or a different color if you feel like a high roller). And you don't want to be gray; there's some serious discrimination against gray-names on this site. And that's pretty much the only downside.

  2. Dirty Roulette

    Dirty Roulette has completely taken over as far as random chat sites go. The entire purpose of this site is to talk to horny strangers. Sure there have been other sites in the past, the one that you're probably thinking of is Chat Roulette, but they always operated under the guise of the site being for all ages! Nothing was inappropriate, no not at all…

    This site, on the other hand, has fully owned the fact that they are an adult site. They aren't trying to pretend that they're doing anything innocent. They fully know that they are attract horny adults and they're down with it. I love this site over Chat Roulette because it's meant to be dirty, but you don't have to go through all the faceless male torsos if you don't want to!

    Thankfully the owners of this site knew that men who are trying to jerk off aren't usually looking for other men… they want to see girls. And they made that an option, all you have to do is check a box, and you'll only be connected to women. So while you're talking to strangers, you're at least only getting connected to the female ones!

  3. Free Webcam Chat Whoa Girls

    Again, this site isn't even going to pretend like they're anything other than an adult chat site. And they even realized that more men are looking for women than women are looking for random men. Why is that? Well, women don't have to find strangers to get naked with on webcam if they don't want to! They can pick and choose who they show their boobs.

    However, those women who are looking for random men can be a Whoa girl! This way both parties are getting what they want: she's getting some strange, you're getting some strange (and an orgasm or two), and the Whoa Girls owners are getting paid. It's a win-win-win situation! There are only good vibes with this site.

    Plus, the women get to run their own rooms. They don't have some omniscient male moderator controlling what goes on in the room. They're their own boss, which again makes for only good vibes. The site is sleek and beautifully designed, so you don't have that underlying sense of fear of a computer virus you might get from a site that looks like it's still in the '90s.

  4. Omegle

    So, remember how I talked about Chat Roulette earlier? Well, Omegle is basically the more relevant, somewhat more successful, younger brother of Chat Roulette. Sure, Chat Roulette popularized the "Roulette" craze, but Omegle is doing it so much better. At first, they tried to maintain their innocence as well, but when you log in you can see they've accepted their adult-rated fate.

    What I like about this site is that you can get creative. You don't have to use a webcam if you don't want to! All you have to do is have a functioning keyboard, and you're essentially set. If you want to cam, you totally can! This is a great adult webcam site if you choose to go that route. You can also add tags to yourself so that you can instantly chat with people with similar interests!

    Plus, they have an unmoderated and adult section… so you won't get banned for being freaky. They've accepted it. On top of that, you can use the college chat feature. This is so that you can talk to people that are not only your age but might go to your same university! This is a great way to get laid in real life too!

  5. Free Sex Chat on IMVU

    In my opinion this site has the potential to be the best adult chat site.

    This site is definitely for the person who needs a little bit of visual stimulation but might not feel comfortable putting themselves up on cam. IMVU is a digital world where you can basically do anything. You can make stuff and sell it, create kingdoms and characters, or just roam around and make friends. Or you can get your sexy chat on!

    You can use this site completely free, or you can throw some money toward it, and you can see some really adult stuff. It just depends on how attached you feel to $20 versus how badly you wanna see animated titties. And that, my friend, is up to you. I won't judge you on which you value higher, because let's be real I have no room to judge at all! If you want a hot chat tip, I'd say that the upgrades are totally worth it.

    But this site is great because you're free to kind of do whatever you want. You can live out any fantasy you want in this digital world. You can find someone who wants you to be their dungeon master, or someone who wants you to play house with them, or even a straight up IMVU prostitute who will sext with you for a predetermined amount of IMVU coinage.

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