Experts say adult webcam sites make up 17% of all internet traffic [new data]

Since its release in 1990, the internet has been a beacon for entrepreneurs and sexual thrill seekers alike. Now, in 2018, it's come to fruition in the most sensational way. Cam sites are now taking the web by storm in this new age of internet excitement to such a degree you'd think live cams are better than sex.

  • Endlessly Searching

    According to Forbes, 13% of web searches in 2010 were for erotic content and it's show to have only gone up since then. So why the sudden skyrocket in the last 8 years? Many experts believe that while the older generations of the world are known to be generally less involved on the internet and its culture, the younger generations of the world are more well-versed and curious about the erotic wonders the internet has to offer.

    Anyone whos reading this probably remembers what it was like to be 13. You're stressed, tired, embarrassed to be in your own skin, but most of all - you were horny. Not in the way that any normal human could be horny. Your mind wasn't just in the gutter, it was running through a toxic drainage ditch 99% of the time and there wasn't much you could do about it.

    Although I have no idea what young men did in the days of old, I know for a fact that in 2018 nearly every 13-year-old kid must spend at LEAST 60% of his leisure time beating the bishop. I speak from experience from a time when the only tool I had were a few pages ripped from a muster magazine that was found on the side of the road. That was until the glorious gift of the internet was trusted to me in the form of a generation 1 iPod Touch.

    And now that cam sites are taking over the internet, more and more young guys are getting their frist sexual experience by trying webcam sex.

  • Instant Connection

    Equipped with countless hours of free time and a decent wifi connection, people all over the world can feed their hunger for the erotic at a moments notice. Although choking the chicken on your way to the grocery store or in a changing room is quite frowned upon, I'm sure people do it.

    With over 7 billion horny humans on this planet, it's no surprise that not everyone wants to watch some poorly shot handheld cam video all while getting bombarded with a mind-altering amount of pop-up ads. After a while the sensations you get from watching those kinds of videos fade and you long for a connection with a real human.

    This is where webcam sites get their base. There is just something so exciting about practically being face to face with a jaw-dropping woman. Not only is this woman probably hand picked by the user to fit their special kink but shes also giving you attention and responding to what you and hundreds of other people want her to do. Who wouldn't want to instantly chat with their dream girl?

  • Opprotunity

    Ever since the dawn of internet porn, there have been cam sites. After making the ingenious idea to begin streaming internet porn to users, companies made the connection to start streaming live sex and live models. Erotic online chatrooms took hold, and a new genre of interactive pornography was born.

    In 2018 countless adult websites offer some form of a streaming/cam service with hundreds of camgirls for your viewing pleasure. So many in fact that every one of the top 20 adult sites has a cam service for all kinds of things. People stream themselves doing something from a seemingly limitless list of erotic activities. And it's not just for girls. Many men and even couples will stream live for hundreds of viewers.

    Although the companies that run the sites are the ones really raking in the cash, for no other reason than supplying a platform for these activities to be streamed, the hard-working people who film themselves live for the world to see are taking in a decent cut. Ranging from about 30%-50% profits, these camgirls are not only mostly working from home but are making a decent living doing lucrative work from the comfort of their bedroom.

  • Webcam Sex = Endless Profits

    Believe it or not, cam sites like LiveJasmin make even more money than PornHub. Confusing at first, I know. But when you think about how most things on Pornhub are free, it makes a little more sense. Sites like LiveJasmin are heavily paid for websites, allowing users to access live showings of the models they know showing all of the erotic activities they want to see - for a price.

    Even with these profit margins, the camgirls themselves are constantly receiving donations from their user base. Strangers throwing money at a woman they've never actually met; much like a strip club. The clients of these sites don't actually send digital legal tender to the models via PayPal. They usually instead have to go through the cam site to purchase 'coins' or 'tokens' which are then given to the models.

    This promise of profit has caught the attention of women everywhere. In the United States, it's mostly young women around college age who are willing to participate on these sites. College age girls are usually the ideal age range for these kinds of websites because I mean, who isn't into college girls? Even college girls are into college girls.

  • The Bizzare

    If you were thinking that these sites are just limited to girls caming alone, with a friend, with a guy, or privately, you'd be wrong. People all over the world are tuning in to see girls do things much more innocent than stripping or masturbating. Thanks to millions of bizarre and seemingly unheard of fetishes the rabbit hole goes much deeper than that. Sometimes what goes on in sex chatrooms doesn't look like sex at all!

    Men all over the world are willing to donate money to camgirls who don't take their clothes off at all. All they do is dress in a slightly revealing outfit, nothing fancy, and answer questions posed by the users. The main goal is to sit there, giggle, be beautiful, and answer some less than perverted questions. But if you think it stops there, you'd be mistaken.

    Some camgirls rake in thousands of dollars a week by simply eating a sandwich. And I know what you're thinking, "I eat sandwiches all the time!" Maybe you do, but apparently, you don't do it in the somehow erotic way these girls manage to do it. Don't get me wrong, I don't judge but the thought of someone perving out in a subway just weirds me out.

    Eating a sandwich on camera for sexual attention and money is quite the job but the most ridiculous one of all to me is this; some women actually make money streaming and receiving donations for falling asleep. That's right. Sleeping. In my opinion, that can't even be considered work. I mean at some point you have to ask yourself if it makes sense to get paid for sleeping. Sleeping and working couldn't be further from synonymous but it's 2018... so anything could happen at this point.

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