7 Hot chat tips to have the best cam sex ever [ #7 will shock you ]

Cam sex can be scary. I mean sex is scary sometimes especially when it's with a new person. Sure a little liquid courage might help, but it's still nerve-wracking to open yourself up to someone like that. Plus, with sex in real life, you don't have to watch what you're doing as you do it. Sex can be, and it might feel infinitely more awkward to watch yourself get naked and writhe around in your view finder… But if you have a good idea of what works, webcam sex doesn't have to be that intimidating. It should follow the same steps as regular sex… you know: foreplay, oral, then penetration followed by pillow talk… here are a few tips so your cam sex will be the best (and hopefully less awkward if this is your first time).

  1. Find someone you're compatible with

    Obviously, if you're in a long distance relationship, this tip isn't for you. However, those of you looking for a long distance fuck buddy I have some guidance to impart upon you. The best place to find someone to chat with is in online chatrooms. People who frequent these chatrooms are usually looking for the same thing you are: satisfaction.

    Find someone you're interested in. Start with the basics: ASL, everyone knows to start with that. I recommend trying to be the first person to ask that because you don't want someone to try to catfish you based off of what they think someone of your age and gender might be interested in. Catfish are hard to avoid but its easy to avoid being tricked if you're careful.

    I'd start off with exchanging photos so that you know what one another looks like. Either keep in touch or start sexting at that point. Based off of this first sexy chat you will probably be able to figure out if you're going to be compatible or not. Once you've found someone you think is sexy and who thinks sexy, propose chatting via webcam.

    If you don't get to the sexy stuff right away, don't worry! Keep in touch and make sure to talk again when you both are sure you're alone.

  2. What would you do if you were there... show them

    One of the keys to having a successful and sensual webcam sesh is creating a fantasy. Sure, maybe your fantasy is that you're instantly chatting with a hot stranger from the internet over webcam. That might be enough for you, but you should definitely try to set the scene with your partner. Don't just whip your dick out; you need to turn her on too.

    A lot of people are nervous to have webcam sex, mostly because it's something their not used to and because they have to watch themselves back in the viewfinder. For a lot of women who are insecure it might take them a while to get used to looking themselves in the face while they get dirty… unless they're that narcissistic, haha!

    Do what you can to make her feel comfortable. And then show her what you'd do to her if she were there. This is where it might feel uncomfortable for you… sure, you should masturbate. But a lot of this is mental, so show her how you'd eat her out by using your hands as a stand-in for her vag or hump a pillow to show her how you'd fuck her. It might feel uncomfy as hell, but it might help her get off!

  3. Be a total tease

    You might be asking yourself: why would I go through all the work to find someone to have webcam sex with when I could just watch porn? Or why can't I just sext back and forth with my partner? Well, the answer is because this is more intimate and riskier (if it's a stranger). It's something different and much sexier than just watching porn.

    With porn, you can almost predict what's going to happen depending on what kind of porn. Oh, is there a stepmom involved? There's probably a daughter-boyfriend-stepmom threesome headed your way. Does the girl have no money to pay the pizza, guy? Well, she'd better hope she wanted extra sausage, man sausage. With webcam sex, you're your own porn director.

    So when you're caming be a tease. You're already potentially thousands of miles away, isn't that a huge tease? Capitalize on that. Or maybe you're the one who wants to be teased? Have her tease the hell out of you. Ask her to withhold her body from you for as long as possible. Make it sexy, make it different than any porn you've seen.

  4. Use your words

    One of the biggest mistakes people make while caming is that they don't say anything! Talking is half of what makes cam sex so sexy! You want the other person to hear what's going on! You want them to hear you moaning and talking dirty, that's what webcam sex does! It's all the breathy sexiness of phone sex with all the visuals of sexting.

    A lot of people are worried about being heard by their neighbors or their roommates. Well, test it by standing outside your room or window with loud music playing. Lower it until you can't hear the music anymore. Then you'll know that's the volume you should match when you're on webcam! If you're anxious use headphones and make sure to get really sexy and breathy into the mic.

    Still concerned? Then chat. Sure this will be inconvenient as I'm sure your hands would much rather be diddling something other than your keyboard, but hey you're the paranoid one, not me! If you're worried about saying something stupid in the moment, this is also a great solution as you can proofread your messages before you hit send!

  5. Get compatible sex toys

    Now, this might cost a little bit of money… but from what I've heard it's totally worth it. There are some sex toys out on the market right now like these from lovense that connects with your partner's toy. This way you can feel exactly the same things while you're on cam together! They also make it, so they connect with the same toys which are great for same-sex couples!

    All you have to do is buy them and use them when you're on cam together. You can also control what your partner feels, so if you want to tease them you totally can! If you want to give it all you can you can have the toy do that for you. This is a great way for if you don't feel connected with your partner, so take note long distancers.

    If you can't afford that, then you can make your own "compatible" sex toys… and by that I mean you should tell the other person how to use them. If you want your partner to tease themselves then tell them to turn their vibrator down to the lowest setting… or if you want them to fuck themselves as fast as your stroking have them match the pace on the feed.

  6. Make sure to pillow talk

    After everything is done, you want to make sure that you don't just leave your partner with a black screen. Clean up, do what you have to do, but don't ditch them after you've satisfied yourself. Make sure that they get off too and then hang out for a little while. Bask in that digital afterglow! I'd recommend this for couples for sure.

    If you are in a long distance relationship, you should carve out enough time at least once a week to have some Skype sex. You could even go through the motions of a whole dinner date before moving the cam sesh to your bedroom (provided you have a laptop of course). But you should also make sure you have time to talk after. That's how you build connection.

    For those of you conducting internet-based courtships with people you may not have ever met in person, you have to remember that people aren't just pixels on a screen. You should talk about what happened like you would with a fuck buddy. What worked for them? What didn't? What should you try next time? These are all important things to talk about even if you're not dating.

  7. Keep in touch

    Again, this tip might not be as important for those doing the long distance thing. Of course, you're going to keep in touch with your partner. I mean you're dating them, that's kind of the whole point. But you should remember to make this a regular thing. You don't want to lose out on building a strong connection even while apart.

    For those of you who are doing the whole internet hook up thing, you should try to maintain fuck buddies. Why? Well, sex is usually better the second time, and that goes for cam sex. Sometimes it's harder to gauge what the other person likes when you're not with one another in person. It might take a couple of tries for things to warm up.

    But when things do warm up, I'm sure they'll be hot as hell! Don't neglect your internet fuck buddies!

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