Call This Number For The Hottest Chat Line Sex

Everyone's first experience with sex chat lines is relatively the same. You're still in elementary or middle school, up late at night watching TV when you probably should've been asleep, and that commercial comes on.

You know the one.

There's a sexy girl laying on the bed in her room, twirling the phone cord around her fingers, legs swaying in the air, talking on the phone. A woman's sensual voice fills your ears with coercions telling you to call the line for some fun.

I've never actually called any of these lines myself, but have always been curious, just as I'm sure you have; and if you're here, that probably means you're finally ready (and old enough) to see what it's really all about.

If you're going to try any chat line, I recommend the North American chat line Nightline. Here's why.

It's Free To Try

Some chat lines don't let first-time users get away with calling in for free. While you will have to deal with the unfortunate reality that after your first call you will need to pay for minutes, if it turns out that you really like the chat line, you'll see that it's worth it. But at Nightline, they appreciate new callers by giving you 60 minutes of free chatting, and a special 50% off your first minutes package.

This is a great deal for new callers because you'll save money literally by the minute.

It's Simple To Use

If you're tired of figuring out where to find adult chat online, you should just call in and chat instantly with a hot girl!

The way that Nightline works is simple. First, you should visit their website in your browser to get the local number for you to connect to. This ensures that you will be connected to locals near you. Once you have the number, you call it and their main menu will automatically be listed. IDepending if you are male, you press 1, and if you're female, you press 2. Following the selection of your gender, you'll be prompted again to, if you're new, press 2, and if you're a member already, press 1. After that, the main menu option will be said. Here you can listen to saved messages by pressing 2, add time to your membership or check your balance by pressing 3, and even get greeting tips by pressing 8. But if you want to dive straight into the action and flirt, chat, and have "wild sexy conversations" with those currently on the line, just press 1 and you'll be connected.

The coolest thing about Nightline is that they also have categories for lines to enter and people to talk to from. For example, there is a Long and Lasting Relationships category, Casual Encounters, Hot and Steamy Chat, among others. This makes sure that you talk only to people who are interested in the same thing as you and lets you control your experience. You also have the option to skip, favorite, and block people.

Here on Nightline, it's a bit more of work cut out for the men than women. While women have to do the most work when setting up their account and joining for the first time (though they always get to chat for free), ultimately the most work is put on the fellas to get a girl to talk to them. When a woman signs up, she will have to record a voice chat greeting to attract the men. While they are browsing the system or jumping from live chat room to live chat room, that's where men will have to play their part if they want a woman's attention. You will have to send messages that will appear at the top of their cue and they can decide, based on what you say if they want to talk to you or not. This means that first impressions and choosing your words carefully is extremely important!

While it is classified as a late night chat line, Nightline operates 24/7 in every North American city. Some of their top cities that they get their most callers from are New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Houston, San Jose, Seattle and San Francisco, among many more major cities.

It's Secure and Discreet

Nightline chat monitors their lines 24 hours and has a call center that operates the same for your assistance. They care about making your experience a safe and pleasurable one and are always available for you to answer any questions or help you out. There is also an anonymous chat option for you to use if you wish to remain in privacy and keep your details private.

They Also Have An Android App

For once, Android users have an advantage over iOS people.

Nightline has a fantastic app to use. There's a twist on this sex chat app though -- you will have to communicate through voice messages. On the app, you can view and browse voice profiles, send and receive instant voice messages, and connect one-on-one with people for private conversation.

Dirty chat is way more fun and like you've never experienced before on Nightline, so when you're tired of Tinder, try Nightline! There are also a ton of other chat apps that will help you find sex online.

You'll be surprised at what kind of conversations can arise from a sex chat line. Whether it's dirty chat with a local you've never met, singles chat to find yourself someone new to go on a date with, or even the 3some line to have a multitude of fun -- you can find it all on Nightline. When you're looking for even dirtier options, there's a "Wild Side" option on this sex chat line, too. With their free 60 minutes and 50% off minutes packages for men, there's no better reason to try it out if you haven't ever used something like this. There's nothing to lose, but a lot to gain!

If it turns out you don't like the idea of sex chat lines after your free hour is up, all you have to do is hang up and move on. But given the many reviews featured on Nightline's site, I don't see that happening.

And if you don't feel comfortable talking on the phone you can always try a free chat website and have cyber sex instead!.
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