Here’s how to get free sex chat online [ time sensitive ]

There's a reason that phone sex lines fell out of fashion. They cost money! Sure there are plenty of services you can pay for to find some sexual satisfaction, but with the internet, they're almost made obsolete… why? Why pay for cams when you can watch free cams online or find someone on a free chat site! Because so many people online are willing to give it up for free! Here are a few ways you can find free sex chat online:

  1. Omegle: Cyber Sex with Strangers

    If you are a child of the internet (i.e., a millennial), you probably have spent countless hours on this site while bored. Some of which you're bound to have spent with your dick out or at least with the intention of wiping it out for some pretty stranger who seems down to get naked with a stranger on webcam (which most of us are at some point).

    Omegle is the still somewhat relevant brother to Chat Roulette where you can chat randomly with whoever!. They make chatting with strangers into various different kinds of games (some involving webcams) that usually start with either user shooting of the "A/S/L?" message. Omegle is a hotbed of strangers who are just looking to talk about something sexy. Anonymous chat and horny people tend to go hand-in-hand.

    The best part about Omegle is that you can always just keep rolling through the people if you're dissatisfied with one particularly boring conversation. There are plenty of people looking to explore their sexuality through sexting, guided/instructed masturbation. roleplaying, or suggestive discussions usually starting with "So, what are you into?"

  2. IMVU: Free Sex With Digital Girls

    If you're more of a visual person but are a bit web-camera-shy, then you should head over to IMVU or some site of the like. IMVU is the hipper version of sites like Second Life. There's no point to this game. There's no basic game worked in like there is with Omegle. It's like a sandbox game in that your only goal is to run around and build a virtual life for yourself or whatever character you choose to play. This site instantly connects you to chatrooms with the most interesting people online!

    There's a lot of sexy stuff on this site. While you can access plenty of things for free, you might find that you want to throw down the $20 for AP which allows you to see adult content on the site (like boobs! Everyone likes boobs!). But if you're aiming to keep your wallet firmly closed, you can still enjoy yourself (or sext well enough to where someone is willing to gift AP to you).

    Like I said, this site facilitates plenty of sexy things. There's a little something for everyone: Are you into BDSM? Well, Mr. Gray will definitely see you now. Are you more into bimbos? There are tons roaming around the site. Looking to settle down and play house? You can find someone willing to be your IMVU wife. Believe me; you can find something to satisfy your sexual desires on here.

  3. Cam sites! Have Webcam Sex on Free Cam Sites!!

    When you think of cam sites, you might immediately think of tipping. Well, that isn't the case! You can definitely find some sexy conversation without having to throw any money down. A lot of sites allow you to engage in conversation so long as you make an account! Take Chaturbate for example! You can join without paying anything and chat it up with anyone.

    The only problem with Chaturbate (and other sites of the like) is that they'll color code the usernames in the chat by how much coinage/credits you have in your account. So, if you have no credits in your account you'll appear as a gray name… and no one really likes gray names, especially demanding ones. Even if you're clever, you're essentially an untouchable in the world of Chaturbate.

    My solution to this is to either buy a few credits, so you look like you have some money to give. This way girls are more likely to pay attention to you in the chat. Or you can cam after getting your age verified and work to earn a few tips yourself. These credits go into your account which will earn you a better-colored username.

  4. Slide into them DMs… and Have Sex with Your Twitter Crush

    When it comes to finding people who are willing to talk to you for free, you might need to think outside of the box. If you can't find someone in the darker areas of the internet, you might have to look in plain sight: social media. While people aren't usually super raunchy on their Instagrams, you can probably find someone willing to chat you up on the sexier Tumblr or Twitter!

    Tumblr and Twitter are two places where you can find uncensored porn. This is probably where people feel more comfortable posting their nudes under a different username. And if they're not posting nudes, they might be running a porn blog/Twitter where they post what they're into. These people are usually the ones who are down to get a little sexy in their DMs.

    Now, you can always message people you know of course! But you might not get the result you're looking for. While someone you follow or know in real life might have the hots for you, they might not be as willing to send you dirty messages for fear of those getting screenshotted or because they're not anonymous. People don't want to be known as internet sluts, especially women.

  5. When in doubt… swipe right!

    Again, this might be another option that seems a little out of the box for you. Dating apps and dating sites are also great places to find people with insatiable sex drives. So set your location preferences as wide as you can go - or set your location to a different city if the app or site allows for that - and you'll find yourself with an extensive selection.

    You want to cast your net wide when using dating apps or sites. Why? Well, because there is some assumed anonymity and assurance in the fact that a lot of people are online are straight up looking for sex. But a lot of people are themselves on these sites. Sure, there are catfish in the sea, but a lot of people feel comfortable being themselves on these platforms.

    So, while people might feel comfortable to throw nudes your way - or at the very least a dirty message or two - some people are wary of doing that because it's their face and identity tied to the account. That being said, it's not impossible to find a sexting partner on one of these sites. Who knows? Maybe it'll lead to real live sex!

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