Here's how to get sex on free chat sites [ leaked ]

Chatting online with someone sexy can be fun… but do you know what's more fun? Actually getting laid. Well, here's how you can take your conversations on free chat sites and turn it into actual sex in RL:

  1. ASL?

    When you're on a chat site, you should start with the basics. Especially when you're looking for free sex online And nothing is more basic than the first question everyone asks, which is more often than not the first thing anyone says: ASL? For the uninitiated ASL stands for Age/Sex/Location. This is a quick and easy way to figure out if someone you're chatting with is ideal for your intentions.

    You're going to want to look for someone who's location is remotely close to yours. Aim for the same state or a few states over (if you're from somewhere other than the US aim for the next providence over or whatever, haha). You want to chat with someone who is remotely in the same area as you.

    You might not want to chat with someone from the same city (because stalkers) but someone close enough to where it would be feasible for the two of you to meet!

  2. Nice guys get laid!

    When you're instant messaging with someone you're flirty with, you don't want to be a dick. I mean that should be obvious, but no one is going to want to travel any distance only to meet up with an absolute tool. So don't be a total tool! You're going to want to show the best side of yourself to this person so they will want actually to meet you in person.

    With texting and email and any kind of nonverbal communication, you really want to make sure that you're extra clear with your intention. Because a lot can go misinterpreted over text chat. One chat tip is to get a little sexy and flirty, that way they'll know you're intentions. But always remember that if you make a mistake people are unlikely to give you a second chance on the internet.

    You might find yourself getting disconnected and blocked pretty often if you're not clear with your communication.

  3. Don't catfish

    This should be a no-brainer… but don't be a fucking catfish. No one is going to want to fuck you if when you meet, you look nothing like your photos. Plus, it shows that you're capable of some serious - and very convincing - manipulation if you've convinced them to meet up with you while you were masquerading as someone else.

    So be honest. And honestly doesn't mean using photos from 10 years ago or 50 pounds ago. Honesty means showing that person your face. This means video chatting. This means sending real photos of you (both your face and your genitals, ya know, if you get that far). This means using your real name and not lying about your age.

    If you're worried about your real name and photo getting you in trouble at work, then build trust before you reveal that information. Just make sure it's not a surprise when you come clean. Be honest and transparent.

  4. Don't give them a reason to distrust you

    This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the previous step. You shouldn't leave any important personal information out when you're carrying on an online relationship with this person. Because if you lie about your age and suddenly come clean before they meet you, they may call off the meeting or not show at all. If someone is going to meet you off the internet, they need to trust you.

    Without trust, they aren't going to feel comfortable traveling any amount of miles or spending any amount of money on a ticket to meet you. You'll end up alone at the coffee shop or the pre-agreed on park, and you'll be wondering why they didn't show. Make sure that this person can be sure of who you are and all the information you've given thus far if you actually want them to meet you.

  5. Meet in person

    Again, seems pretty obvious… but you have to meet in person! You can't pull any bullshit about how you had to cancel last minute because of any of the three C's (cancer, coma, car crash). You have to sack up and actually meet this person in real life. I mean… if you want to have sex with them you might want actually to be there in person with them for that too, ya know, work!

    Choose a public place to meet. A mall, a park, a coffee shop are all good options. Have a mental escape plan if that person does turn out to be a total creep. Don't plan on spending the night with this person anywhere until you're sure that they're who they say they are… because catfishing goes both ways! They might be the liar in this situation, not you.

  6. Don't expect sex

    When you first meet someone, you shouldn't expect to get laid immediately. When you meet someone off of Tinder or Bumble, it's pretty normal to expect sex immediately because you've seen each other's face and know that you're in the same area. There's more trust there. But if you're meeting a girl online, it's definitely a little riskier.

    I mean it's extremely unlikely that you're going to get kidnapped and murdered, but you might end up getting your feelings hurt. You should go into this situation expecting to meet, hang out, and then go home. If sex happens at first then awesome! Good for you! Feel free to skip the next step! But if it doesn't, don't be discouraged. You might just need to meet up again!

  7. Rinse, repeat, until you get free sex

    As I said, you might need to meet up a few times before you get in between the sheets with this person. Don't feel discouraged! Just meet up again! If they're down to meet up again after messaging with you online, then they're probably down to work up to the whole sexy-time thing. Don't leave without planning to hang again or at least briefly discussing it.

    However, this might not work out. The person might be boring in person. They might not like you! Or they could have been a total catfish. Again, don't get discouraged. Just try again. Give yourself an appropriate amount of time to mourn the fact you didn't get laid like you'd hoped and then get back out there on the internet and find someone else!

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