How one couple made 10k streaming their live sex on the web

This couple actually went from being broke college grads to collecting over 10k a week from strangers on the internet willing to pay to watch them fuck. If you and your significant other were thinking about starting a webcam show, you should definitely read on.

  • Streaming Live

    It's no secret that live sex cams are quite honestly taking over the adult entertainment industry at the moment. Almost every porn site you visit has at least two buttons that will guide you on over to their version of a live sex cam service.

    Sometimes they're run by the website itself, other times it redirects you over to an even better site for these pleasurable activities. Either way, you get to wrestle the one-eyed monster all while watching real people get down and dirty for your viewing pleasure. Sounds like a dream right?

    These streamers are in on the secret as well. Sometimes raking in up to 10k a week, these cam couples don't have to do much more than fire up the camera and get straight to work.

  • Building a Base Online

    Every couple enjoys doing the naked tango. It's one of the many rewarding aspects of being in an active relationship, but the thing is, you never get paid for it.

    One couple in Vancouver saw this opportunity and didn't hesitate to take it. The woman was about 22 when she started building an online base on twitch who watched her play video games in skimpy clothing. She was what's called a "titty streamer".

    After receiving over 5k in donations in her first week, she got the bright idea to start streaming herself actually getting naked, which she knew her new fans would pay top dollar for. Although she had already received a couple of slaps on the wrist from Twitch's staff for wearing her sexy outfits while streaming, she had to go to a different site for this new content.

    After building her audience by chatting instantly with her followers, she poised herself to make some serious cash.

  • Dreams Do Cum True

    People were already paying her for her Snapchat and Patreon, but that wasn't enough for this girl. She knew she could be making a lot more money by actually showing off the goods and interacting with her audience. She admitted that she was actually really into the whole live streaming sexual thrill so it only made sense.

    Her boyfriend seemed to be even more than OK with her decision, as he actually got to participate too. Instead of having sex in the privacy of their home, they decided to fuck over cam for thousands of people to watch - and donate.

    This cam girl's secret to making a ton of money was to bring her boyfriend in! Plenty of people on the web were willing to donate money directly to the girl to watch her do sexual acts with her boyfriend. I can't even imagine what was going through their heads at this point. Getting paid more than someone with a master's degree to fuck on camera? Something they were going to do anyway? It's a genius move.

  • Streaming Rewards

    As you might know, some girls have to do little more than eat a fucking sandwich on live cam to get hundreds of dollars in donations from followers. However, you can make thousands from fucking on cam, and I think we can all agree that fucking is a lot more fun than eating a sandwich. I don't know. Maybe that's just me.

    Making this kind of money from streaming sites almost seems unfair, but it's really just supply and demand. Some guys want to pay you to eat a sandwich and talk about your day, some want to see you play video games in a tight shirt, but they all want to see you fuck on cam.

    I personally think the reason this girl specifically made so much money right off the bat is because she first built a base of horny twitch viewers that wanted nothing more than to see her naked and then gave them that opportunity. It's genius really.

    Think about it... How much would you pay to see your favorite hot actress do her first topless scene? I know I'd donate at least 75$, and some guys on cam sites are willing to pay a lot more than that.

  • Getting it While it's Hot

    The times we live in are truly amazing. By that I mean its insane that we can now have sex on live camera and get paid good money for it. This seems like it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity and if I were you, I'd take it.

    Something like this is bound to be popular for a long time coming but it will only get harder. Corporations will get involved soon enough and this spectacular dream will slowly turn into a nightmare.

    Don't worry though, it's not too late for you to hop on this cash wagon as well. Just head over to any cam site, sign up, get a girlfriend whos willing to hop on cam with you and collect the profits together.

    OK so that last step might be a little more complicated than I realized but never say never I guess.

  • Luck of the Draw

    In the case that you were lucky enough to be born a smoking hot female in 2018, this shouldn't be too hard for you. You'll be able to buy anything you want in just a matter of weeks by following the steps for success in streaming.

    Even if you don't want to strip or perform sexual acts on camera, you can always drive over to best buy and pick up a nice PC for gaming, sign up for Twitch, put on your favorite outfit and start practicing.

    The thing about being a female on Twitch is that people will watch you no matter how garbage you are at CS:GO. All you have to do from there is make a Patreon and ask for donations. You won't be making as much money as you would be for stripping but it's still a better chunk of cash you'd be making working minimum wage at a GAP.

  • Youtube

    You might have seen these girls' videos on Youtube of them trying on clothes or lingerie supposedly for their female viewers. These girls also make tons of money not only in views but also from, once again, their Patrons and Snapchats.

    I personally know one of these girls who has a decent following on the platform but ever since Youtube has been cracking down on sexualized content, they've had to find other means of making this kind of income.

    She mainly charges people tons of money for access to her private snapchat where she posts extra sexualized content of her in lingerie/swimsuits/etc. It seems to work quite well, and of course, there will always be guys willing to send her OVER 500$ at a time through donation sites.

    What a wolrd we live in. Happy hunting everybody.

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