Here's how much money cam girls really make

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You might be reading this article for a number of reasons: are you looking to become a cam model? Are you looking to join a cam site? Are you just curious about what the salary of your favorite girl online? Or did you just fall down an internet rabbit hole and this is where you ended up?… Regardless of why you're here, I promise that you won't be disappointed.

As the internet and sex work further intertwine, it's always interesting to get a peek into the lives of the women you free sex chat with via cam. Articles detailing the lives as well as the trials and tribulations of sex workers are popping up in magazines and going viral on Twitter. Why? Because what was once taboo is now being brought into the light, the blue light of a glowing laptop screen.

Plus, this is the kind of sex work that you don't necessarily have to commit your entire life to. It won't be obvious that your friend is a cam girl while it might be pretty obvious if your neighbor is a stripper or a prostitute. This is the kind of sex work that you can do in almost complete secrecy. And that's what makes it so interesting.

So, here's what you need to know about cam models' budgets.

  1. The queen of the cams: Nikki Night

    Nikki Night is one of the most popular cam girls on the internet. She's curvy, and her hair is a shade akin to Fire Engine Red. She's curvy and charismatic, and she definitely makes a killing on the internet. Based on caming alone she makes around 50k a year, which doesn't seem like a lot of cash but that's just caming alone…

    But this lady is a total entrepreneur. She doesn't spend all of her time naked on camera; she actually spends a ton of time going to conventions like Exxxotica and coaching baby cam girls online. She's made her entire life revolve around caming, but not necessarily the act of caming. And honestly, this is probably the best way to do it.

    In a lot of the research, I've done, cam girls talk about getting burnt out from caming every day. Because when the camera is on, you have to be on. You have to be ready to entertain. By taking on coaching other girls, Nikki has given her a way to make money that still involves caming but doesn't involve getting naked and being an entertainer, just a teacher.

    If you're looking to watch other women who are queen of the cams, you should check out Cam Soda because they have the hottest live cam girls!

  2. Average Joe cam girl

    Thanks to Refinery 29's Money Diaries Series, we got an inside look into a girl who cams every day but hasn't quite made herself into a total porn star. This girl works a somewhat regular grind as a cam girl. She doesn't have another job, and she works around the same hours every night of the week. While Nikki Night is akin to a porn star, this girl doesn't claim to have that much internet fame.

    What I noticed while I read in this account of this girl's, well, bank account is that she doesn't make the same amount of money in a single night. There are nights where she can make thousands of dollars in one evening, but there are nights where she doesn't make nearly that much money. But what does seem nice is that she takes time off! She is her own boss!

    A lot of what her weekly expenses had a lot to do with her caming. Since she has a lot of regulars (which is really the only way to make bank as a cam girl, to have regulars), she wanted to keep things new for them. So most of her expenses were for underwear, bras, and sex toys… plus she can write them off as business expenses… isn't that every girl's dream? Victoria's Secret qualifying as a tax write off?

  3. Side hustler cam girl

    Everyone has a side hustle these days. Whether you knit scarves in your spare time for your flourishing Etsy store or you spend your weekends making furniture, people are usually trying to find some sort of side hustle for themselves. So if you're like most people and you like sex, why wouldn't you try to monetize that hobby.

    So if you're only doing this on the weekends or on occasion, you probably won't make as much money as the women mentioned above because you're going to have fewer regulars. However, if you want to do this as a side hustle and maximize your profit, you should post a schedule to your page and stick to it! This way your regulars will know when to expect you online!

    You can expect to make tons of money on some nights and not so much money on some. But you'll still be making a pretty decent amount of money on the side if you really commit when you are online.

  4. What you can expect if you cam (moneywise and otherwise)?

    You have to understand that you're not going to make a lot of money right off the bat. I've read plenty of articles about girls who get pissed that they aren't making millions on their first night and immediately quit the industry. But there's no paid training for sex work! You have to understand that it's going to take some serious trial and error to get into a rhythm.

    Make sure you spend a lot of time on cam at first because you need to build a following and a fan base. Once you build a fan base, nail down a few mods, and have a few regulars you should be in business. Regulars and reoccurring clients will probably be your greatest source of money. These are the people who will throw down some serious cash for you.

    You're also going to have to get used to a lot of people trying to get some for free. These people will demand that you do things on camera without offering any money. The best thing you can do is probably ban them. They might come back on another day or under a new name, but try to permanently ban them if you can and don't take anything personally.

  5. Should you go for it? (I mean, why not!?)

    Be honest, at this point you've more than thought about starting your own webcam show. Maybe you already have an account and a mask to protect your identity. If you do decide that you want to moonlight as a cam model you have to understand that some people are going to find out. You can either choose to let people find out or tell a few close friends.

    You're also going to be spending a lot of time on your laptop well into the hours of the night (because not very many people have time to jerk it in the middle of the day). This isn't going to be an average 9-5 job, and it'll be like working two jobs one of which is always going to be the night shift. At least you get to work from bed though!

    Another thing you need to know is that you don't have to be a woman to make a lot of money. If you're a reasonably attractive man who is okay with butt-stuff (or at least making it look like you're doing butt-stuff on camera), you can make a pretty good amount of money too! The gay com model market is pretty big too! It's not just straight guys on the internet.

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