Webcam secrets exposed - sex cam girl tells all

Cam girls, am I right? There's a lot of mystery surrounding these sexy strangers who make their own porn live online for strangers… We decided that having one tell you their secrets might clear up some confusion. Here's what my anonymous cam girlfriend had to say:

  1. We're not dumb

    One of the most common misconceptions about cam girls is that we're dumb! I'm not sure why, but I think that when someone sees a porn star or a stripper (especially if we're talking about a woman/feminine person), they automatically jump to the conclusion that we're dumb! Or they think because we're hot cam girls we don't have a brain! But let's be real, a lot of us are very smart! But when it comes to a male performer, they're usually seen as smart for using their abs to get cash.

    There's an excellent chance that the cam girl you're talking to is just trying to make their way through school! The "stripper just trying to pay her way through law school" stereotype is super accurate. Sure, a lot of us are doing what we have to do to survive. And some people's definitions are survival are different. For me, I need to pay tuition… so I show my titties on the internet.

  2. Cam Girls are empowered!

    Most of the time no one is forcing us to do this (if you think someone's being forced, call the police… duh!). A lot of us don't even bother covering our faces because we're not ashamed! More and more women see our bodies as less of something to be ashamed of and more of something to be proud of. And this doesn't just translates to bikini Instagram posts, this links directly to caming!

    We're not doing this because we're seeking approval! We're doing this because we're confident or this is where we find confidence. Plus it's fun, and you feel sexy while you're doing it. Some women find empowerment through tearing it up in a boardroom or kicking ass in sales, but for a lot of us, we find empowerment through our bodies!

  3. Being a Cam Girl NOT a full-time job

    Most of the cam girls you're watching online aren't necessarily full-time cam girls. Like I said earlier, a lot of women are doing this as a way to pay for bills, tuition, or - in some cases - a serious shopping habit. We're probably doing this in our spare time, so don't get mad if your favorite cam girl isn't posting 24/7 on their private Snapchat.

    And some of us aren't really into it for the money, sure that's a nice bonus (because who doesn't like a little extra money?), but sometimes that's not all about the cash. Some women like the sexual gains they get from their online sex work… I mean I'm not gonna lie there's something sexy about having hundreds of people watching you writhe around in your undies in your room.

  4. Unless caming is a full-time job, then it totally is a full-time job.

    Like I said before, the "paying for tuition by getting naked" thing is totally accurate… but sometimes people find that they've found a new passion in their pursuit for paying the bills: getting naked for money. While I'm not a full-time internet slut, I know plenty of girls who do go balls deep into the internet and make this their full-time gig.

    I know it sounds crazy, but some people fully do this and can make a ton of money. In my experience you're only going to make part-time cash (at best) if you're doing it part-time… but if you do decide to do this as your fulltime job then you can totally make fulltime cash! I know plenty of girls who live comfortable lives by getting naked online.

  5. Cam Girls just want to have fun!

    I mentioned this earlier, but a pretty big number of women are cam girls because they genuinely enjoy what they're doing! Sure, there's nothing like some good passionate sex, but who wouldn't love the attention of having tons of men (and women) throw money at you in the hopes you take one sock off? That definitely sounds like fun to me…

    Women are just as sexual as men. And when it comes down to it, women are usually more than willing to use the internet to get off because that way they don't have to deal with real live men. No offense guys, but while it's much easier for women to get laid men are difficult to deal with sometimes… haha!

    The internet can be a great sexual outlet for those of us who are busy! Caming allows women to have their cake and eat it too by offering a way to monetize sexual pleasure.

  6. Yes, we're whores… but wouldn't you love to be?

    When it comes down to it you can totally classify us as whores, I guess. I mean we're internet whores because we're not actually having sex with anyone in real life (unless you're caming with a partner), but I guess if you really wanted to you could totally call us whores. But like I said before, we literally make money for getting off… why aren't you getting in on this too?

    When it comes down to it, we're not only not doing anything illegal, but we're enjoying ourselves. We're consenting adults doing fun adult things. So sure, call us sluts and whores or whatever in the chatroom… because you're not wrong! But don't get surprised when you get banned or if we ignore you!

  7. Cam girls are also people, so be nice.

    At the end of the day, we're people. Sure, we're doing sexy things online, and you might think that what we're doing is wrong or demeaning in some way… but that doesn't affect you! And just because we're avaliable to chat instantly that doesn't mean we're online sex robots. Usually, I don't get people coming into my chat room bitching at me because I'm going to hell for what I'm doing. People get hostile when I ignore them or don't take their requests because they're not paying.

    So don't get bitter! If you think that you can go into a chat room and demand that a cam girl get naked and cum for you, then you're wrong! You're probably going to get banned and find yourself with your dick in your hand and nothing to masturbate to. So be nice. IF you don't have cash, just be nice. Maybe we'll throw you a bone… but if not, don't get mad and call me a whore. Okay, thanks bye! Anonymous cam girl, out! (cue mic drop, haha!)

So if you do decide that you want to try webcam sex then take what I've said to heart!

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