Here's Why This Free Chat Line Is The Best To Meet Girls On

Phone chat lines are an underrated way of meeting girls. Everyone's way of meeting new people to talk to, hook up with, and date is through dating apps like Tinder, popular chat rooms like Chat Avenue (if you're curious what we think about this app, check out our Chat Avenue Review, social media apps like Twitter and Instagram, but no one thinks to use chat lines.

You'd be surprised at the number of people who still use phone chat lines and the amount who actually have success through them. One of the best things about phone chat lines is that you'll always be able to talk to locals because the way that chat lines operate is by giving you a number that is specialized for your area. This means that unlike with some dating apps, chat rooms, and social media, where you aren't guaranteed to always to talk to people near you, you can with chat lines.

People have met girlfriends on cam sex sites, so why couldn't you meet a girl on a chat line!?

Having intimate phone conversations is one of the best ways to get t know someone if you can't talk tot hem directly in person. Texts just don't cut it, and you get to know who you're really talking to. Girls also appreciate a guy who can hold a conversation and actually wants to talk to them, and by chatting with them through chat lines, your chances for success are higher.

So what's the best cat line to use?

Livelinks as a Chat Line

One of the most popular and most used chat lines is Livelinks. It's the largest network of local phone chat lines for dating and meeting new people in North America, and covers over 1500 cities in the U.S. and Canada.

It's a simple phone chat line to use, and getting started is easy. Once you figure out what your local number is, you call in and you'll then be able to record your greeting through the Live Connector, and listen to other people's greetings as they hear yours. Once you hear a voice you'd be interested in talking to, all you have to do is send them a message to strike up a conversation with them and you'll be chatting instantly You can also send and accept other people's connection requests for a private live chat.

While Livelnks is always free for women (which is why they love coming on here to talk!), men only get a free trial for their first time calling. If it's your first time calling, they'll let you join their singles free chat rooms at no cost. To redeem this offer, just simply dial your local Livelinks number and when asked for a Membership number, press the "#" key on your phone. Once you have registered for your free trial, all you need to do is make sure to call from the same phone number each time you call Livelinks Chatline for as long as the trial lasts.

When your free trial is up, and you see just how much fun Livelinks is and how meeting women on here is different than anywhere else, you can continue to chat on Livelinks for a special promotion just for new members! You can get their Double-the-Minutes package starting at just $9.99.

By being a member, you'll get access to even more perks and features on Livelinks to better your experience chatting with single women in your area. With a paid membership you will receive: priority phone chat customer service, access to the Singles chat Line from any phone, anywhere, an option to put your chat line messages of Free Trial users, a great loyalty program that gives you rewards and bonus chat time for being a loyal paid chat line member, save your phone chat greeting, speedy minutes renewal for more phone chat, ad-free chatting, and web self-service to check your balance, add more time, and manage your chat line account.

How To Talk To And meet Women On Livelinks

When you're all settled in and got your Free Trial membership ready to go, then the next step for you is to start talking to women! The first step in doing this successfully is to record a good greeting message. This is what will be played to women browsing through greetings trying to find someone to chat with. How do you record the best greeting message possible? Your greeting message should be, before all else, audible and clear to understand. If there's loud background noise, you can't hear yourself well or your words are not easily distinguishable, you'll get skipped pretty fast. Your tone should also be warm, friendly, and flirtatious when saying your name, age, sharing what you're looking for, and most importantly, displaying your personality and telling a little bit about yourself. Make sure to always listen to and playback your greeting message before you save and share it.

The next step is to send a good first message and create a good first impression. When leaving a private direct message on phone chat, make sure you say her name in your message, respond to something specific she said in her greeting that intrigued you, and most importantly, give her something to respond back to! When you use her name and respond to something in particular she said, this lets her know that you really paid attention to her message, and women love someone who can actually listen and communicate effectively.

If you're trying to initiate a hot, steamy phone conversation with a girl, make sure you're never being too pushy and take things slow. The best thing is to let it happen naturally, but don't be afraid to state your intention and make your desires known, because after all, women love to feel desired! A hot tip I can give you is to warn against using crude language straight away is a sure-fire way of getting yourself skipped or blocked. Instead, try matching her pace and tone and give it some time before things take off.

Overall, Livelinks is the most popular chat line for a reason. People have found success in both dating and in just having fun conversations with the women they meet on here. Being a member gives you access to the best features to make your experience all it can be. Whether that be dating, friendly chatting, or hot and heavy conversations, you'll find the best of them on Livelinks.

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