3 unexpected sex tips from real live girls [ #1 will shock you ]

When it comes to sex men are often clueless. No offense. But for us women, we definitely spend a little more time mastering our blow job skills on a banana then you've ever practiced cunnilingus on a papaya. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm almost certain the thought of performing oral on a fruit never crossed your mind (unless you were gay and then by fruit I'm obviously referring to a banana, duh).

Plus, women tend to be less likely to voice their needs sexually, even though I think that chatting instantly and openly about sexual desires should be a thing once you decide to sleep with someone. Thankfully the culture around sexual communication is changing to where it's more acceptable to talk about not only sex in general but more specifically how you want to get fucked. But until this convention becomes universal, I've talked to some of my lady friends to see what advice they'd give guys on sex. Though these tips may be few, the most certainly are useful.

So please, read on to up your sex game a little!

Oh, here's a little mini-tip from me: Spit on it! Anyway, here's are a few hot tips from real life girls I know:

  1. Notes on Jackhammering…

    "Jackhammering is loathed by so many women. But in reality it's not really that simple… believe it or not, a lot of women have a love-hate relationship with Jackhammering.

    I mean yeah this is something that varies from woman to woman, and this may not be the case for everyone, but I've come to have a love-hate relationship with the motion myself after my years of sexcapades.

    Obviously, that motion doesn't feel good for more than a minute or so, but for that minute it can feel fucking amazing. Because if you do that jackhammering movement just right, you'd pretty much be hitting the g-spot directly. Again, don't do that the entire time because it can just become overwhelming (or painful!) and you should cycle through a couple of different rhythms.

    You know how after you cum everything is so entirely sensitive that any sensation is almost too much that it straight up hurts? Well, that's what it's like for women after an orgasm too. So if your expert jackhammering does end in an orgasm, make sure you give your girl some time to chill before you try that move again or it might feel like the worst thing on the planet opposed to absolutely sensational.

    But when she asks for it deeper or harder, she might want you to jackhammer for a minute or two." - Clem, 21

  2. Important Sex Tip: Clip yo nails

    "One of the scariest things for me is when things are heating up, and I notice the guy I'm about to hook up with has long nails. Now, this is something I know that lesbians have mastered: the careful and tedious art of always having one's nail perfectly trimmed. There are even women who get the full stiletto manicure but leave short rounded nails on their pointer and middle fingers, so they're prime for fingering. If women can find a workaround with stilettos, then men surely can figure it out right?

    Now, I've dated a lot of musicians (I know, I know I must be some sort of masochist) so I understand why a guy might keep his nails long for plucking guitar strings, but that plucking hand is unfortunately usually their fingering hand… but in my mind, getting laid is much more important than your so-called musical career.

    Guys might not understand how fucking important this is. Have you ever had anything inside you (odds are if you're straight you're not going to admit to this even if you have)? Could you imagine not only having something inside of you but having something that could potentially be sharp? It's like reverse Teeth and it's terrifying.

    You don't know true horror until you feel sharp, stabbing pain in your vag. And you don't know pure terror until a guy slices your vulva with his hangnail because not only does he have horrific aim but even more mortifying personal hygiene. Yeah. That's a thing that happens more often than you'd like. And it's fucking embarrassing.

    It's embarrassing for the girl involved because she's in pain and BLEEDING everywhere. And it's embarrassing for you because you've shown that you can't even be trusted with a simple finger fucking. There's no way she's going to let you get your dick wet after that. Unless she's more forgiving than I, but even then you're going to have to wait for the wound - both physical and mental - to heal."

    - Leah, 23

  3. Don't fore-get foreplay!

    "If you think foreplay is a waste of time, I can basically promise you that you're not gonna get any pussy. Well, you're not going to get any from me, and the pussy you do get will be dry as Death Valley.

    Regardless of what your dick might have you believe, foreplay is not a fucking waste of time. It's important because it makes fucking enjoyable for your lady friend. Unlike men who can have an orgasm at a speed that rivals that of light, women take some time to warm up. It takes a woman approximately 8 minutes to warm up to a place where she can physically have an orgasms… which is a real shame since according to a 20016 study the average duration of sex for most couples comes in at a whopping 5.4 minutes.

    So, if you've found you only fuck girls who seem to have chronic dry vag, you're probably just doing a really bad of getting things going for her. Foreplay isn't pointless. Sure, it might feel pointless for you because you can pop a boner in like 30 seconds but it's not pointless if you want to have good sex… and unfortunately, sex isn't all about you and your dick.

    Kiss a little for fuck's sake. Grab her butt. (Gently) Grab a boob or, hell, grab two! Take some time to feel up your woman like you did when over-the-pants-middle-school-stuff was all you knew! Treat her like you want her.

    Still no success? Have you thought of asking what she likes? It's uncomfy to ask for what you want in bed, especially when you're first getting to know someone. Do her a favor and open those pathways for communication for her. She'll relax (comfortability could be another thing keeping her from soaking her panties through), and your sex will be infinitely better. Maybe watch some porn together! Watch some girls on a cam site together! stream your sex together online!

    Do something different! You won't regret it

    " - Maria, 24

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