What really happens in sex chat rooms - insider tells all. [shocking]

I'm a total pervert. Now, that we've got that out of the way let's talk about dirty instant chat rooms. Before Skype (or at least, before people were brave enough to cam with strangers), online sexting (otherwise knows as cybering) was the thing. Now that there are hundreds of free cam sites it seems that sex chat rooms have become less of a thing in recent years. However, they're still there. Believe me, and boy are they still out there!

It just takes a little more effort to find and navigate them properly, but they definitely exist. Some of the most popular ones are still around today

  1. What Happens in Omegle

    Omegle is how the obsession started. A friend showed me the random chat site. At first, I didn't quite understand the hype. Why would you want to talk to strangers? What would there to be to talk about? I quickly found out that the site was crawling with people who'd all start by asking the same question (ASL?), but the conversation would lead down various rabbit holes (mostly sexual).

    I was instantly hooked. I, of course, couldn't explore any of those rabbit holes with any of my friends since as soon as the conversation would turn sexual, they'd click off immediately, and wait to be matched with the next person. However, I was free to start exploring this goldmine of sexual deviancy all on my own as soon as I got home.

    I remember entering the site name into the address bar, waiting for my chat to connect, and eagerly typing in the question that I'd learned was like a key of sorts to all the craziness: "ASL?"

    After replying with your Age, State, and Location, the conversation would usually devolve into something dirty. Either that or you'd come across a troll or a total nerd looking to talk about their Brony obsession (which was one thing I was NOT willing to talk about, haha!). Sometimes people would just like, and things would never really get as nasty as hoped. But all the same, every conversation - erm, almost every conversation - was fascinating to me, It was like I'd opened a whole new freaky world for myself.

    Omegle is still around today, it's probably the most popular chat roulette site online, but I never bothered trying competing sites. I was all about Omegle at that point in time. There were plenty of people on that site. A lot of whom wanted to have cyber sex via chat. This would consist of typing long lines of actions or theoretical "I would do this, this, and this if we were alone together." It was like collaboratively writing erotica. I'm sure that some of the conversations that went back and forth were absolute gold; it was the kind of stuff that would render 50 Shades of Gray Obsolete and, quite frankly, make the book look tame.

    My obsession only grew when they added a video feature. The video chat feature only increased the stakes. Thankfully it was difficult for Catfish to prey on the unsuspecting. But I will say that there are a few people from this site that I'm still connected with to this day. It's always nice to have someone to chat with on a rainy day.

  2. RIP Dirty Teen Chat Room: Meez

    In all honesty, my parents were probably right in telling me not to talk to strangers - especially on the internet. And they were right! Not because any of the people I'd connect with seemed particularly dangerous - which I'm sure some of them were - but because I'd become addicted.

    There were days when words on a screen wasn't enough for me and being on webcam was too much pressure (is it appropriate to wear sweatpants on webcam? Or would I be grossly underdressed?). I needed something more mentally stimulating, without there being too much at stake. And that's when I discovered Meez.

    I'm sure that other '90s babies are more than familiar with the advent of Club Penguin. So think of Meez as Club Penguin but for angsty teens. Instead of a penguin, your avatar was a cute little cartoon person. And instead of changing your penguin's color from black to something entirely unnatural like pink, you could transform yourself into your emo kid or thug life fantasy.

    There were essentially three types of people on this site: noobs, emo kids, and thugs. The emo kids and the thugs never got along (which is expected). Additionally, the noobs didn't get along with anyone (which is also pretty expected).

    But everyone was trying to find themselves an internet significant other (or two, or three, or a whole harem). The only problem with this site is that while it was visually pleasing, it was nowhere near adult at all.

    Unfortunately, this site is a thing of the past as they shut down a while ago, but it was wone of the best free chat sites to find girls on.

    The closest thing your avatar could come to look like it was having sex was dancing near another avatar with its pants off. I knew I needed something a little more freaky… and that's what I stumbled across what is essentially the 3D sex chat room mecca: IMVU

  3. IMVU: The Dirtiest 3D Chat on Earth

    IMVU is essentially Meez but for adults. We're not talking Rated-R content here. We're talking full NC-17, XXX, hardcore avatar porn (no, not the blue avatar kind… actually I'm sure that would be possible on IMVU, so I take that back).

    Sure, IMVU costs money for it to be any fun at all. But after I threw down the cash to upgrade to AP (which is basically verifying your age so that you can see adult content), it was like I unlocked a treasure trove of freakiness. There's even some stuff on IMVU that I wouldn't dare touch with a 10-foot pole.

    There's a little something for everyone! Into furries? Great, they've got it!

    Into BDSM? Perfect, they have rooms dedicated for you to meet your digital Mr. Grey.

    Into bimbos? Great! You can either turn your avatar into one or find one to be your online wife!

    Into something entirely darker? I think you might need to see a therapist, but there are other people on IMVU who are probably game! And if you want credits without having to pay for anything, you can probably either sell feet pics or try your hand at digital prostituting.

    This site is a sexual deviant's paradise. Honestly, you'll probably end up preferring this site over actual real live dating. So beware, talking to strangers is addicting.

    This site definitely helped me get sex in real life.

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