Which sites have the hottest live cam girls?

As we all know; girls are hot. Although it's common knowledge at this point, we decided to help you out by finding the absolute hottest live cam chicks for you to check out while you apply the handbrake.

  • Semi Hot Girls: XLoveCam

    I browsed this site for the least amount of time by far. I don't know if I'm completely desensitized to naked women at this point of those girls were just sub-par.

    You couldn't even really call them girls though because most of them were women over the age of 50. Personally, that's really not my cup of tea but it might be yours. I was witness to quite a few saggy tits, thick red lipstick covered faces and more than enough wrinkly hands.

    Even the cute 20-something girls were not knockouts to be gentle. But who knows, this could be your favorite on the whole list. Final verdict: Meh.

  • Pretty Cute Cam Girls: MyFreeCams

    Wow. OK, yeah. This one is a step up already. These girls are all around 20 and most of them look like supermodels.

    Alright, upon further inspection, I've noticed quite a few of the girls' pictures use those god awful snapchat filters that are made to raise your cheekbones, made your eyes bigger/shiny, and give your skin a nice smooth blush look.

    I'm about to go on a rant about this modern plague known as 'beauty filters' by people on the internet. Just about every single one of these girl's faces has one of these filters applied to their profile picture.

    Nothing screams "I'm insecure" more than when a girl only uses these filters when taking selfies. I mean it's basically cheating as far as beauty goes. It's not only cheating, but it's lying too. Tinder is full of beautiful girls that feel like they have to slap these on every single photo of them to make them seem prettier and it breaks my heart.

    It's a lot sexier when a girl can just be comfortable in her own skin. Final verdict: 4/10.

  • Hot Cam Girls: Chaturbate

    Things are getting good now. These girls are all so drop dead gorgeous, and it almost seems too good to be true. Even after watching a few minutes/hours of these doing their thing I can already tell that they know what the viewers want.

    Since amateur hour was over, I decided to really sink my teeth into this site so I could give you guys a really in-depth review. Other than the fact that the girls are giving off amazing energy to their fans.

    Giving your audience a good attitude is always encouraged when streaming on a chat site because it just makes it that much more rewarding knowing/believing that you're building a real relationship with these girls.

    Aside from being nice and bubbly, these girls are crazy hot. Almost every single one of them is in her early twenties and has the face of an angel. If you don't believe me then go check it out for yourself.

    This is a great place to try webcam sex or to start a cam show yourself!

    Final verdict: 9/10.

  • Pretty Cute Cam Girls: ImLive

    ImLive has gotten good reviews from what I've seen, and after investigating a little bit, I can confirm that the claims are mostly true.

    I'm into thick girls as much as the next guy, but in some cases on this site, they went a little overboard. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with thick girls, but for my own personal tastes, it was a bit overwhelming.

    By signing up for this site you will automatically get 25 free credits that you can use to donate to the models and ask them for a few personal favors. They're there to give you a show and these free credits really help get the ball rolling if you know what I mean.

    Overall I'd say these girls are pretty hot. Nothing outrageous but at the same time, nothing special. My final verdict 7/10. It'll get the job done.

  • Hottest Girls Alive: CamSoda

    Ah yes. The famous CamSoda.com. The iconic cam site that basically started it all. Over the years CamSOda has become more and more prominent in the world of online sex cams, and there's a good reason for it.

    First things first, the girls on this site are wild. I don't mean wild like wildly hot, (which I do) but rather they're mostly willing to get wet and wild right away. Of course, some of them are more reserved and tame because that's what their audience likes but the ones who really get into it are the ones most people want to see from a site like this.

    Next, let us focus on the hotness factor. These girls are stunning, plain and simple. If that's what you're looking for, I'd definitely join this chat site. Anyone of them will make the girl of your dreams look like a fucking goblin with a skin condition. You should honestly go check it out for yourself because I can tell you're a little insulted by the goblin remark. Just trust me. Final verdict: 10/10.

  • Pretty Damn Hot Girls: Flirt4Free

    I have to admit; I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The first thing I noticed when I clicked on the page was that every girl on the front page has had professional photographers take photos of them for their thumbnails. As someone who enjoys little visual touches like that, I was already hooked.

    You wouldn't expect to see a nice aesthetic like that on a lesser known cam site like Flirt4Free, but I'm glad I did. This wasn't the end of my exploration though, as I would soon find out after a couple of hours of browsing and viewing.

    The pictures aren't the only thing that are good looking on that homepage either. The women on this site are red hot. Even the older women (I could only find 3 on the homepage) are strikingly beautiful from head to toe.

    There are even girls for everyone unique taste. There is tattooed girls, thick girls, younger girls, older girls, and my personal favorite; multiple girls.

    That's right. Flirt4Free has the girls in little groups who hang out in their underwear and instantly chat it up with their fans - among other things. Final verdict: 9/10.

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