How sex video chat is changing long distance relationships

Long distance is a phrase that scares the shit into most people in a committed relationship. People will usually try to keep the relationship alive. However, those words usually are a death sentence to any love affair. However, it doesn't have to be.

People are more connected than ever before. We live in an era where it isn't too difficult to maintain and nourish full-fledged relationships online. I mean half of our lives happen online now anyways. That's probably how you met your current boyfriend or girlfriend, am I right? So if relationships start online, what makes us think it's so impossible to keep them alive online?

We have texting, social media, and - most importantly - we have video chat. Video chat is what the real game changer is. Sure, you can talk on the phone or have phone sex… but that's like you're living in the '90s. You should not only talk on FaceTime or some other video chat provider, but you should have cyber sex with it too! It will help keep your relationship alive no matter the distance… If you're looking for a reason to trying webcam sex read on!

  1. Relieves Sexual Tension

    One of the biggest things that can go unchecked in a long distance relationship is tension.

    Tension is hard to deal with, though it easily builds up when you don't have a proper way to fight (healthily) about it. Since your relationship feels like it's lagging a few seconds behind like a phone call, you might feel like you can never catch up to your problems with your significant other. Fights don't happen, and thus things are left unresolved, and you are thus left bitter and resentful toward your partner until you can hash it out over Facetime.

    When you're apart it's easy to ignore what's going wrong, it's easy to ignore your partner's ill feelings toward you, and it's difficult even to recognize when you're justifiably angry or just frustrated.

    In most cases sex isn't the answer… but when it comes to some issues they stem from being apart, it might only make sense to get off with one another via webcam. There are totally issues that can be resolved by sex. Have you ever been really frustrated with your partner only for all of that to melt away after a long (and potentially anger fueled) fuck? That tension basically melts away with the sweat.

    Keeping tension from affecting your relationship will benefit you immensely in the long run. And sometimes sexting just won't cut it. Sex video chat is truly the best advent for people in long distance relationships to help with the sexual tension that's built up as the distance increases (there's also a ton of wifi/Bluetooth enabled toys that can help make your video chat a little more interesting.

    Even if you're not webcaming with your significant other but you decide to try to watch sex webcams online, you'll find yoruself relieving plenty of tension aswell (without cheating and perhaps you'll get some ideas for your future skype sex sessions).

  2. Enforces Intimacy and Expands Sex Lives Online

    Nothing makes you feel like you've grown apart than actually being physically apart. Long distance can make you feel more disconnected than ever before. Even though we live in an age where we're constantly connected, you might find yourself feeling that reaching out through phone calls and texts just aren't enough.

    And a lot of the times it isn't. That's where planes, trains, and automobiles come in. But in the meantime, you have to solve the problem of feeling much, much too far away for comfort. And honestly, the best way to do that is by having some good ol' fashioned mutual masturbation via webcam.

    Things don't have to start off that way, though quickies do also exist in the digital world, you don't have to be quick about it always. Have one night a week where you do everything you'd ordinarily do during a cozy dinner date at home, but over webcam. Cook on webcam (even make the same thing, though the beauty of this is that you totally don't have to), clean up while talking, watch a movie or a TV show and then go back to your bedroom for a little sexy time.

    It's important that you can feel emotionally close to your partner even if you don't feel like you can be close to them physically. Get one of those pillows that light up when they spoon it. Get one of those sex toy packages that connect wirelessly to one another. Get some time alone.

    If you want your relationship to outlast the distance, then you have to make sure that you still feel like a couple. That means you need to have sex (to the best of your abilities) and you need to communicate.

    If you're confused on how to have skype sex, there are plenty of chat tips you can find online!

  3. Prevents Cheating

    Do you know why cheating happens? Well both men and women cheat for different reasons, but when it comes down to it they do it because they're either extremely unsatisfied in their relationship (either emotionally or physically) or because they need a way to signal to themselves (and maybe their partner) that the relationship is over.

    Cheating happens when there is frustration and resentment coupled with dissatisfaction and a lack of intimacy. Thankfully, having sex over webcam helps with both of these things which means it naturally will reduce your urge to cheat and your partner's urge.

    It's important for one another to be sexually satisfied. And if an open relationship is out of the question (even though cheating is still fully possible in an open relationship), you have to find other ways to keep each other satisfied with one another. I suggest long nights where you can really get into it over Skype. Because sometimes one orgasm isn't going to be enough for either of you.

    Get a clone-a-willy and send your lover a mold of your dick. You should do this for multiple reasons: 1) it's just plain hilarious to mail someone your dick 2) it'll show your lover that you don't want them fucking anyone else in the most humorous way possible.

    If something like this helps to strengthen your bond and find sexual release, consider asking for panties in return. Find ways to feel close sexually, and make sure webcam is involved since that's the best possible tool you have.

    Anytime you feel sexy and can instantly connect with your significant other, your relationship will thank you.

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