We tried sex webcams - here’s what happened next [ you will never believe ]

Veni, Vedi, Vici. That's exactly what we did… to a certain degree.

Porn has grown old. Gone are the days of a Playboy magazine looking to be anything more than artful nudes. Internet porn has grown monotonous and boring. How often can you predict exactly what's going to happen in a porno? I mean, common. It makes everything feel and seem so unnatural, so unspontaneous, so … staged. But then again what should you expect from staged sex?

The internet - while a glorious beast - is a particularly difficult one to grapple with since it makes us so immune to what we crave via overexposure: sex. As a youth when you found a Playboy under your dad's bed or even a Victoria's Secret catalog, it felt like you'd found something secret and sacrilegious. It was like hitting a gold mine.

But now, when you go online, you're bombarded with the same predictable porn over and over again on a thousand different website. Even when you log into Twitter or Instagram - sites where children freely shitpost - you're met with images of writhing bodies and fat asses that were once only indicative of one of your dad's misplaced nudie mags.

But do you know what's significantly less predictable than internet porn? Cam sites. I mean how can something be predictable if it's being made right in front of your eyes? When things are happening real-time everything is an unknown. There's not cheesy porn dialogue on cam sites. There are no bad or unrealistic costumes. There's nothing that makes porn bad, and it's all happening in real-time. And if you tip enough, you might be able to have a say in which direction that cam session goes. Now isn't that exciting?

So we decided to dedicate some time to exploring these cam sites… and here's what we found.

  1. We Came on Cam

    Not to be crass, but we sure came a lot during this experimentation. I mean what do you expect from us? We're a couple of millennial men tasked with spending time on a porn site that we actually find exciting. You really couldn't expect anything less than us completely running wild with our imaginations and conveniently located tissue box.

    But what this does prove is that we weren't bored. No, we weren't bored for one second on cam sites. If I'd spent the same amount of time on PornHub or a site of the like, I would have been bored. How do I know? Because it usually takes me at least forty-five minutes to find a video, I'm actually into. And by then I either have no interest in masturbating anymore, or my boner has fallen to half-mast.

    When you're browsing a site like Chaturbate - which is one of the best cam sites of all time - you usually don't have to waste much time finding a video. Plus, you never will have to resort to a video you've watched over and over because what you're watching is happening live. It's like SNL but for porn. There's a whole new level of excitement knowing that what's happening is happening live.

    Plus, when my colleagues and I did decide to crack open our wallets, what happened amazed us. For the same amount of money it would take to buy a video on Brazzer - ONE video - you could tip a girl and essentially have her do whatever you want (within reason). You could tip off of her established menu or negotiate something a bit more unorthodox in a private message.

    The possibilities were endless and we definitely got most out of our live chats.

  2. We Saw (and chatted instantly!)

    One of the best parts about cams was that it was like you had your own personal porn star to a certain degree. Sure, she's catering to hundreds of other people in the chatroom, but if you play your cards right she'll pay much more attention to you (this usually involves you paying her literal money and not necessarily your attention).

    You don't have to travel to Exxxotica to meet your favorite cam girl. All you have to do is be brave enough to send her a private instant message or be willing to throw down some cash for a private session. And honestly, it's totally worth it. A lot of these girls also sell their Snapchat or phone number for a certain amount of money and are willing to communicate with you while they're not on cam.

    It's like you have completely hacked the system by doing this. You don't have to wait for your favorite star to log back in to see her or talk with her, all you have to do is throw down a couple of bucks for access to her social media. Maintaining these conversations offline definitely gives you an advantage in the chatrooms when it comes to attention because cam girls definitely play favorites.

    And you want to be her favorite. Not just because you're going to get some sort of esteem boost, but because you're going to benefit sexually. She'll probably be more likely to go further for cheaper in the future.

  3. We Conquered the Cam Sites

    By conquered I don't mean that we stormed these girl's cam rooms and took what we could. I mean that we weaseled our way into the hearts of some of these girls. All of us were able to - in a few short weeks - become some favorites and regulars of our favorite cam girls. We were treated well in the rooms intern for treating them well

    We tipped and were polite. That's the other part of becoming a favorite: being polite. You don't want to be a dick to these girls because they're seasoned internet veterans. They know how to deal with bullshit: they block you. They deal with hundreds of horny men on the daily, and they're not going to put up with one rude asshole. The ban hammer will hit you, and it will hit you hard if you're a dick.

    If you show that you're a dedicated regular, you might find yourself with a ban hammer in your hands as well. A lot of the girls will name some of their favorite viewers as mods. Mods are there to remind the others in the chat to tip and to be polite. And if someone is a total asshole, you can ban them. Because sometimes cam girls need some help! It's hard to ban douchebags when you're busy… doing other things with your hands.

    I even managed to get a serious sexting buddy out of the whole thing! So yeah, I can say with complete confidence that this site is a chat site that's worth it!

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