Most Free Sex Chat Websites Suck [And 1 that doesn't]

(Mostly) gone are the days of chat lines… and here are the days of free chat sites. Exploring free sex chat websites can sometimes feel more like a chore than a leisurely activity but don’t worry because we did it for you, and the news isn’t good... for the most part. There's one site we found that is a cut above the rest.

  • Chatting

    You might remember the year 2008. A year when internet chat rooms were taking over the world. Everybody and their mother was chatting it up with strangers on the internet. I still remember getting on Omegle every day just to fuck around and find the love of my life.

    Ever since the gain in popularity, chat rooms took a turn in the best way possible. Live sex chat sites became the new thing for everyone. Chat with a stranger, meet people, start a conversation with what you think is some cute 19-year-old cutie who is really a 42-year-old man with a belly. Because on the internet nobody knows you're a dog.

    Meme's aside, chat rooms are a really good time. If you're not into video chat, text chat is the way to go! If you've never used one before, sexual or not, I'd recommend you open a new tab and chat one out before reading the rest of this article. Even if you just went through 50 people in a row saying "m" before clicking away, you have to admit that it's pretty entertaining.

  • A Wonderful World of InstantChat

    Most chat sites cater to your every kink. And even if most don't there's almost definitely one out there that will. The internet is a mysterious and beautiful place that gives you the opportunity to find new kinks as well as feed the ones you already have. This kind of personalization in adult content is essential for the user.

    You might be a dude whos looking to chat with cute 19-year-olds, you might be a 19-year-old girl who's interested in talking with other 19-year-old girls or maybe even a 50-year-old dude looking for other 50-year-old dudes. Anything is possible when it comes to online chat rooms.

    Most free chat sites lure you in with the promise of cute girls who are ready to chat with you, but it usually falls flat. I don't know if you've ever downloaded Tinder or some other dating app but every once in a while you'll match with some girl who looks like she just won Miss Universe, except her photos are all compressed or photoshopped.

    This is whats called a bot and they're not uncommon. They usually send you a message that says something like "Hey cutie :)" which leads you to reply in hopes of marrying is smoking hot lady but you just get another message back that doesn't make sense and also gives you a link to a website or a fake phone number.

  • Chat Issues

    When it comes to chatting rooms immersion is everything. So when you get a message that sounds like a bot, it can make you lose interest right off the bat. This is never a good thing because it just goes to show that lazy chat rooms a ruining the experience for everybody.

    Another issue with free chat rooms is the boring sifting you have to do just to get to the right person. Some people are too bubbly while some are too straightforward and they make you feel like a pervert, which you are but aren't we all?

    Anybody who has used a chat room has gone through the process of describing what you look like to a complete stranger. One thing you have to know is that everyone lies. Some 6"9 professional model/football player isn't going to be browsing a chat room on a Saturday night at 11 pm.

    It's important to remember to have fun with it. It's not a platform for you to tell someone your life story or find a wife. It's just for entertainment purposes and you shouldn't get too involved with it. That being said, let's get way too involved with it.

  • Getting Weird on Chat

    Maybe getting straight into it is your thing, and that's cool, but personally, I like to warm up a little bit. You know, get to know each other, tell some jokes, ask about her family, all the formalities. But seriously, when I get asked a filthy question right away it tends to draw me away.

    This isn't uncommon with free chat sites, I mean they're free after all. There's a good chance you're chatting with a robot. But as I said, you shouldn't take it too seriously.

    It's best to just kick back, throw on a little Cutris Mayfield and enjoy yourself.

  • What to Avoid on Chat

    When using a free sex chat site, there are a few things you want to avoid. Believe it or not, there is a bit of etiquette involved when chatting. One big one you'll want to watch out for is obviously bots. Bots are a huge red flag on a chat site, especially when they ask you for your credit card info.

    Another major thing you're going to want to avoid yourself is doing things that aren't sexy. This includes talking about health problems you have or maybe your family issues. No woman on earth has ever bit her lip over you talking about your sick grandmother... at least I hope not.

    Avoid being gross. Given you're both there to get weird and wild in a chat box but nobody wants to listen to you describe how weird and veiny your dick looks or even read your thesis paper on why you're the perfect male.

    Watch out for these kinds of chatters because more often than not, these are gross dudes who get some kind of bizarre pleasure from posing to be a girl and getting attention from straight guys.

  • Best of the Best Free Chat Rooms

    FreeChatNow.con is #1 on our list of fun, sexy chat sites. Not only do they have a ton of categories for chatting but they laos have video chat, and even mobile chat.

    If you're looking for a safe easy to use chat site that tickles your kinks without making you feel like some sick fuck, then this is the site for you. Plus, this is the kind of site where you can find free sex on! You don't have to take my word for it though, check it out yourself.

If you don't have a laptop handy you can always try fun chat apps on your phone instead!

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