5 reasons why live cams are better than sex [ #3 will shock you ]

Consider porn the VHS of the adult industry. It's outdated, baby! Porn is slowly being edged out and being replaced with something much more interesting. But now, more than ever, porn is struggling to make itself relevant again. Because why would you want to watch a bunch of porn stars go through the mundane, predictable motions of a classic porno plot when you could play at director?

And honestly, live cams are rivaling sex. Sex is something that we all need but why fulfill that need with someone who is going to require much more attention… Because let's be real, how many people are that likely to want just to fuck and disappear as fast as you can log off your favorite cam site?

It might sound harsh, but sex is something that could easily be replaced by live cams, VR, and other online experiences… I mean if you look at Japan the sex industry is thriving (think about how much hentai flows out of that country, haha!), but birth rates and relationships, on the other hand, are declining pretty fast. So, allow me to elaborate on why you should cruise over to a live cam site and chat instantly with a hottie instead of a bar to pick up on girls.

  1. Easier to communicate

    Do you have a problem with communicating? Or do you have a problem choosing girls who are good listeners? Well, the best part about replacing sex with online cams is that it's super easy to communicate your desires. You don't have to worry about miscommunication or feeling shy to ask for you want because cam girls literally aim to please you!

    One of the reasons why it's so easy to feel instantly comfortable is because it's obvious that you're there for pleasure. With sex, it might appear that you're there to not only get off but to feel connected with that other person. Also if you don't know a girl very well and you go to ask for something you want you may be met with some discomfort from her or because it's uncomfy to establish open communication immediately.

    Additionally, cam girls usually will appreciate some direction if it's accompanied by a tip! If you look at sites like Chaturbate you can usually find a show that has a menu of sorts for tipping. You'll be presented with a couple of sex acts and how much they'd cost to perform. Then you can tip accordingly! Or ask if they'll take requests for x-amount of credits or tokens! Even though some free cams don't cut it, this site is an exception!

    And if you're particularly kinky, you can probably find a girl who's into or at least willing to do some fetish stuff for you! All you have to do is ask!

  2. It's like being at a strip club… but sexier

    Strip clubs are fun if you're out with some friends or if you're trying to see some boobs! But when it comes to getting off a strip club definitely isn't going to do it. And sometimes sex isn't going to do it either unless you have a dedicated fuck buddy who's always down to fuck. In that case, it might suit you better to just go have sex.

    However, if you're like the rest of us and don't have tons of girls hoping to have you in their bed, cams are definitely the way to go. Instead of going to a strip club, you can log on to a cam site and see a whole lot more than boobs! You can see full on sex acts, or in a lot of cases full on sex (couple cams for the win!).

    Plus, I think that live cams are better than porn because it's essentially choose your own adventure porn.

    If you're into tipping in order to get what you want, a cam site is basically like that just way sexier. You tip for what you want, and you can be sure you're going to get it. These girls love to cam. A lot of them are doing it because they get some sort of sexual satisfaction from it so you don't have to worry about gettings cammed.

    Plus there's an equivalent to the champagne room online too! If you have the money for a private show, you can totally throw some of that their way to get them alone in a (chat)room!

  3. Play your (credit)cards right and you'll be a favorite

    When you're dealing with sex in real life, you have to worry about your own performance. And that can be a lot of pressure. Every girl is different! Which basically guarantees that you're going to fail at pleasing them at some point. Because if you think about it good sex for one girl could be way too boring or way too rough for another girl.

    There's no way to win, and there's no real way to be sure that they're willing to come back for round two. However, much like strippers, cam girls love their regulars! Regulars pay the bills! So once you find a girl that you're obsessed with you'll be able to get into her good graces by becoming one of her regulars.

    It might sound ridiculous, but girls will cater to regulars. Why? Because randoms are great, but regulars are forever! Once she starts to recognize your name (which will usually come with tipping), she'll make sure to spend a lot of time making sure you're enjoying yourself. Though in order to reach this level of preferred status you'll probably need to open your wallet.

    Unless your super hot and give her something to focus on during her show you'll probably need to show your worth monetarily! But fear not, credits usually are percentages of the USD! So you can get a lot of bang (both literally and figuratively) for your buck! (Plus a lot of sites use PayPal, so you can be confident it's secure!)

    But if you play your cards right you'll probably be her favorite or even make a cam girl you girlfriend.

  4. Little potential for live drama with the live sex

    I sort of touched on this before, but girls are drama. Sex isn't always just sex. Plus it's hard for a lot of people to separate sex from feelings. Sure, hook up culture is on the rise, but that just means that there is probably a lot of unspoken feelings going on beneath the cool facade you're both putting on.

    And there is nothing worse than repressed emotions rearing their ugly head. If you want to make sure that your life is drama free, I suggest sticking to the internet. Because most drama can be solved with a couple of clicks, maybe a block button, and almost always by logging off!

  5. It's the future!

    Sex is important in relationships, but if you're not in a relationship then why do you need to have sex with a real live woman only to have to urge her to call an Uber in the morning awkwardly? I highly suggest investing in cam girls and even Bluetooth connected sex toys. There are plenty of girls online who - if you pay them enough - are willing to use the vibe or dildo on the other end of a compatible masturbator.

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