Here's Why Free Webcams Jut Don't Cut It

Webcam shows are one of the most popular forms of Internet porn in 2018. Both men and women alike can find something they're into and view a show that gets them off from a hot model. These webcam models are more talented and hardworking than you may think. They're the ones who make the show exciting and have to perform if they really want to satisfy viewers, and more importantly, make money.

This is something you have to remember when logging onto any webcam site. These models are doing their job, just like you and I do at ours -- except here, they're paying special attention to you and making you cum; and when you're paying, they'll do whatever you want.

The way webcam shows work is like this: every model is able to cam Free Shows that serve as a sort of preview for potential viewers who want to go into a Private Show with the model. This is where you will have to begin to pay per minute, rates depending on each model and what site you're using, to see their cam and are put into a special room where only paying viewers can see what the model is doing. If that's not enough for you, and you want some special one-on-one attention, then you can choose to pay for an Exclusive Show with the webcam model where it'll be just you and them.

So why should you choose to spend cash on a webcam show?

Here are some reasons why.

Free Webcams Don't Take Requests

One of the best things about private and exclusive shows, and that will definitely give you your money's worth, is being able to request the models to do stuff that you like. It can be any fetish you have, from mildly vanilla to extremely weird, and roleplay of any kind, just so long as they're okay with it.

It truly depends on the model, though. Some of them won't take requests in Private rooms, which you would then have to move into an Exclusive room where it is one-on-one, but some do. Sometimes models have descriptions on their profiles of the things they won't do, and based off that, you'll know what you can and can't request. If it's not listed out in their profile, then it's safe to say they'll do whatever you ask, so long as you tip them the right amount. Models also usually list out their tip menu and prices of everything they'll do for you on their profiles, as well. Here you can find how many tokens/coins/credits it costs to see them do something. This also varies by model, but there's always something you're sure to enjoy.

If you love to watch a girl burp, she can do that for you privately (yes, this really happens!). If you want to see your model masturbate, they can do that too. If you want her to play with her feet and put them up close on cam, she'll do that too. You can't get them to do these things on free webcam shows!

If you want to get the most out of your live chat experience, it's worth throwing some cash down.

You Can Connect Your Webcam And Chat Directly With Models

Private and Exclusive chats sometimes have the benefit of not just being able to chat by typing, but you can also sync your webcam and talk directly to the model like you would with someone on Skype. You can do even more this way and request the model you're watching to watch you!

This means that if you want a beautiful girl to watch you jerk off, now you can do that. Of course, you'll have to spend some money for this, but if you want to experience this feature and have your favorite model watch you masturbate, or even watch her, it's more than worth it. This is something that you just can't do on free chat on webcam sites; you're restricted to text-only instant chat rooms that are filled with other viewers.

You Won't Have To Share Your Cam Girl

We all get a little selfish from time to time, and if you find a beautiful model that you love to watch, it's only natural you'd want to have some one-on-one time with her.

You can have exactly that on Private chat, depending on how the site you're on works or Exclusive chat. When you're watching a girl's free show, and you want to see more exclusive content, you'll easily find yourself moving into her private chat. Here, viewers can chat with her privately and see the things non-paying users don't (some guys are lucky enough to score their numbers which has lead to landing a girlfriend from free cams in the past!). Models are very gracious to all their paying viewers and will always show extreme gratitude by performing their best, answering questions and talking to everyone, and of course, taking requests.

When you want to have them to yourself for a while and get special private attention only given to you, you can take them to a private room for a price.

Get To Know Your Favorite Cam Models

One of the many reasons webcam porn is so popular and well-loved among fans and preferred over plain old porn videos is because of the connection webcam models have with their viewers and the relationship viewers feel with them. If you talk to any model, they'll tell you about their "regulars," the people who regularly tune in to their shows and leave tips. They chat with them every time they're live, and the cam models often remember them by name, and will always be excited to see you tune in and greet you by name -- for free!

Models will tell you they have a special connection with their viewers, and talk about things outside of sex too. Viewers become good Internet friends with models at times and confide in them when they need someone.

If you're thinking about trying out private webcam shows instead of sticking to watching free cams, I highly suggest you do it. You won't regret it, and you'll soon find yourself coming back for more. It's an unmatched experience, and you have the chance at forming a more personal relationship with your favorite model as one of their regulars.

So the next time you're on your favorite webcam site, actually join the cam site, make an account, take a chance and enter the model of your choice's private room! See what money can unlock for you.
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